3 Really Awesome LinkedIn Labs Products You Should Try Out

You probably don’t sign into LinkedIn as frequently as you do on Facebook. Personally speaking I don’t; though I spend a lot of effort at least a few times every month maintaining my professional profile in tip-top shape. The free LinkedIn account without many of the frills like InMail well serves most of us. But did you know that there’s a little section called LinkedIn Labs that’s tucked away in one corner of the professional networking site?

Not many visit LinkedIn Labs because it is not well advertised. As LinkedIn itself says – LinkedIn Labs hosts a small set of projects and experimental features built by the employees of LinkedIn.

It’s not Google Labs by any stretch of the imagination, but still has products you can try out. Here’s taking a look at three which I think add something to your professional networking.

Resume Builder

Linked In Lab01

If creating resumes are one of the jobs you shy away from, Resume Builder helps you out. You can turn your LinkedIn Profile into a beautiful resume in seconds using available templates and a bit of customization. Sign-in with your LinkedIn profile ID and choose from the 11 templates available to design the look of your resume. You can create multiple resumes and also manage them.

Editing functions are provided via the Outline mode and Edit profile. Both allow you to rearrange the content. Download and print the final resume in PDF format. You can also share your resume with a URL. Privacy settings help you control who gets to see your resume.

If you have really put some thought into your LinkedIn profile, the resume builder is one of the easiest, no-hassle ways to create a resume.

Instant Search

Linked In Lab02

Instant Search is your own little search engine for LinkedIn. And it’s fast. As soon as you start typing in the query, profiles get displayed. Instant Search searches through your contact list (connections) and shows the hits as profile thumbnails.


Linked In Lab03

Signal helps me make sense of all Twitter updates posted across my connections. You can quickly go through the Twitter stream and save the ones you want to keep or reply later. What makes Signal a good social search tool is the set of filters on the left. You can search across your Twitter stream and research what potential contacts and connections are saying. It’s also a good tool to track the visibility of your brand or your product. Signal is a powerful search engine to look for jobs, answers, and groups too.

Admittedly, the number of products isn’t that many in LinkedIn Labs. Which ones are your favorites? What kind of products would you like to see gets added here?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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