How to Quickly Add Nice Effects to Pictures With Easy Photo Effects

Photography is a wonderful art but it isn’t easy to master. To take a perfect snap there are many things one needs to consider, like backgrounds, lighting, tilt, focus and God knows what else. If you suck at it don’t worry you can always enhance your photos by adding some effects thus overcoming the most visible shortcomings.

Of course, if you want to give it a professional touch, you need to know stuff like Photoshop, or other such powerful software that can do wonders with your pics. For starters, a freeware like Easy Photo Effects can work quite well.

Easy Photo Effects is not really a photo editor. You may call it more of a photo enhancing application which can help you give some quick touchups to your beautiful snaps in a single mouse click.

Easy Photo Effects is a nifty freeware and does not come with an installer file. Just download and launch the application to get started. Yep, it’s portable so you could use it from your thumb drive too.

The interface is not at all clumsy and is very simple with all the control buttons at the top and the preview pane at the bottom.

Easy Photo Effect

You can get started by adding a photo to the tool by using the Open Image button (JPEG and uncompressed bitmap image currently supported) . Once the photo loads you can see its preview in the preview pane below. You can now just press one of the many effect buttons. The tool will process your photo and reflect the changes on the preview pane. Below are some examples of effects I have applied on my photographs. The first one is the original followed by Black and White, Movie and Tilt Shift effects.

Black And White
Tilt Shift

If you don’t like an effect and want to revert back to original settings you can press the Reset button anytime and start on fresh or if you think the effect is good you can save the photograph with the applied effect using the Save Image button.

If you want a little more control on your affects you can use the Settings button that’s located above every effect button. For example, if you press the settings button for the Tilt Shift effect you can fiddle with focus point and open area controls.

Tilt Shift Settings

Apart from adding effects, you can use the tool to quickly resize your photograph for web publishing, email purposes or even to make your Facebook profile picture.

Resize Image

You can always apply more than one effect to a snap which is really cool, however, the thing that’s not cool is the lack of undo feature. For ex, if you touchup a photograph with black & white effect and then apply a border to it you cannot undo the border. If you want you can press the reset button but then you will have to start again from scratch.

My Verdict

Easy Photo Effects is a simple idea executed beautifully. The tool impressed me to a great extent but there is a lot of scope for improvement. I think I’ll recommend this to some of my friends who aren’t that tech savvy and looking for a quick photo enhancement solution. What about you?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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