Reviewing the Kindle Cloud Reader For Reading Ebooks Online

I still remember the days I used to spend hours in the community library reading books. There were times when I had to wait for a long time in queue if a hot new book had arrived on the shelves. Things have changed now, and today instead of going to a library we can actually carry hundreds of books right in our backpacks or pockets with the eBook readers like Kindle and Nook.

Saikat wrote recently on creating an online ebook library with, a cloud based library and eBook reader. Today we will show you how you can use Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader for the same purpose.


Kindle Cloud Reader is a web app from Amazon that lets you download and read books from Kindle book store instantly in your web browser. It was launched recently. Prior to this, users either had to own a Kindle, or use one of its apps for various devices, like Kindle for PC, for iPhone et al. But with this new offering, Amazon has ensured that no one is left out when it comes to reading Kindle ebooks.

For the time being only Chrome and Safari is supported but support for additional browsers is expected to come soon.

Working on Kindle Cloud Reader

Before we start working on the cloud reader you need to have an account on Amazon. If you don’t have one, register for free today.

You can always visit your Kindle Cloud Reader by just entering the URL but to have privilege to download and install books for offline use you must install the plugin.

Enable Offline

So it’s time we add some books to our library. Launch your reader and click on Kindle Store at the top right corner of the screen.

The downside is that unlike you cannot upload your book in PDF or EPUB format and thus your library is restricted only to what you purchase form Amazon stores. But you don’t always need to pay to read a book. Amazon’s online book store has many free books for all their users which they can download and read for free on their Kindle reader.

We have already discussed how to search and download free books from Amazon while talking about the Kindle application for PC. You could also use a tool like eReaderIQ to unearth some nice free ebooks.

Once the purchase is complete the book will be added automatically to your reader.


You can now click on the thumbnail of the book and start reading it right away.

Reading Book

You can control the various settings from the top bar while reading the book. You can even add bookmarks and notes wherever you like for referring to it later.

Control Pannel

If you want to download and pin some of those books that you have brought, there’s a provision for that too. Press and hold left mouse click on the book till a context menu appear and select Download and Pin Book.

Pin And Download

The book will be downloaded on your local computer and you can read the book even when you are not connected to the internet.

Download Book

Cloud Reader Features

  • Kindle Cloud Reader automatically synchronizes your Kindle library, as well as your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights for all of your Kindle books.
  • A large collection of both free and paid books covering almost every field.
  • User can customize the reader like font size, page color, text color and alignment.
  • Download your favorite books for offline reading.

So, more than 950,000 Kindle books are waiting for you. Go grab them!!

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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