Send Self Notes, Webpages, Images Quickly Via Email Using CC:to me

In one quick simple stroke, the cc:to me bookmarklet can help you remove your dependence on browsing tools like Instapaper and Read it Later. The cc:to mebookmarkletalso gives you another way to use your Gmail account as an information powerhouse. Here’s what it does – it lets you quickly email information from the web to yourself. And the way it accomplishes that is pretty neat.

Lets check out the features of this tiny yet superb piece of utility.

On the homepage of the site, where on the right it says Get started, there just type in your email account which you want to use for storing all cc:to me links, and the browse tool takes you to the bookmarklet installation page.


A texting option gives mobile users to save webpage bookmarks if they are on the move.


Using cc:to me is a simple matter of browsing to the webpage of your choice, opening up the bookmarklet (by clicking on cc:to me link in your browser’s toolbar)…and entering, or copy-pasting, or dragging any kind of web content onto it: text, images, or entire articles. You don’t have to manually add the webpage link as cc:to me does it for you. Not only webpage links, you can also send yourself simple reminder notes via cc:to me.


Voila! It lands in your inbox at the speed of light.

Anything that lands in your Gmail inbox with an email address can be tweaked creatively with a bit of label organization and advanced filters. Bookmarked notes forwarded by cc:to me are no different. The author of the app has creatively used hashtags to categorize his postings.


cc:to me offers loads of flexibility.

  • It is a super simple bookmarklet which does not ask for much of memory space in your browser.
  • You can use it from anywhere.
  • Cc:to me turns your email account into the bookmarking warehouse. You don’t need to open up any other account and maintain it.
  • You can quickly share your favorite webpages with a simple email forward to your friends.

The last advantage will be enhanced with the upcoming Pro account. You can then email your friends right from cc:to me itself. For now, the basic cc:to me account gives you a great way to stay on in your email inbox and use it as a sink for all your information needs. Try it and let us know any other way you can use this handy bookmarklet to manage your bookmarks and information.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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