Romulist Ensures You Will Never Forget Another Task!

Cable bills. Utilities. Neighborhood committee meetings. Club meetings. With all the stuff going on in all our lives, sometimes the clutter can really get to our head. I know that I’ve often found it stressful to keep track of events and when to submit bills. Luckily, I stumbled upon this tool that helps proactive people actually remember and recall a lot of things.

Romulist Logo

This tool is called Romulist, and it’s really quite simple. The developers of Romulist know that you check your email often, so they created a tool that will automatically email you to remind you of certain tasks — when you need to start working on them, and when you need to finish them by.

Romulist’s Dashboard (the main screen) shows a great overview of when your reminders are set, and highlights what tasks you should be aware of.


It’s really quite easy to edit an event, which will recur on a monthly basis. You can edit which day of the month that certain things are due on — unfortunately, this means that Romulist doesn’t have the capability for you to create weekly reminders yet. I really love the Romulist UI, it’s quite intuitive and the fonts and colors all work well with each other.

Edit Event

It’s planning to go into that direction though, and I think it’s a great idea — for example, having a reminder every Monday to bring the garbage out could be helpful. Then again, it’s quite likely that people don’t usually forget their weekly routines (although I must admit, I’m quite terrible with laundry sometimes).

Romulist Features

I’m a huge fan of the language they use. Never seen a service say Holla atcha boi  until now, I think it’s great that Romulist shows so much personality!

I also think it’d be great for it to allow you to send it during a set time — for example, if there was an event that was happening at 9PM, I’d really prefer to know about it at 7PM so that I’d remember to get ready for it — but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to know at like midnight the night before, because it’ll probably sink to the back of my head.

Romulist Inbox

As you can see, here’s what mail would look like from Romulist. It’s actually very basic, which is great. Not really certain if that 16 days ago part is absolutely essential, I’d much rather see how many days are before the next event. For example, instead of 16 days ago, it could say 15 days from now.

If you like what you see, give Romulist a stab! It’s still testing in beta, but if you look carefully enough you’ll figure out a way to obtain an invite 😉 have fun.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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