How to Check & Update Face­book From Win­dows 7 Desk­top With FB Explor­er Gadget

Ashish Mundhra

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Facebook has become an integral part of most of our lives and our day might feel incomplete without a dose of Facebook session. If you think the same and want to make your Facebook experience a bit easier you can try the FB Explorer, a Facebook gadget for Windows.

Gadgets are simple mini desktop applications which provide useful information right on top of our desktop wallpaper. One may use these gadgets to work with frequently used things like clock, media player, CPU usage monitor, RSS reader etc.

With the FB Explorer gadget, you can check for notifications on Facebook, have a look on friend activity, comment and like items in your news feed and much more right from the gadget.

Installing FB Explorer

As FB Explorer is not a standalone application and a Windows desktop gadget, therefore it does not come as an executable file. To get it up and running you need to download the FB Explorer gadget file and run it. When you run the .gadget file you will be asked to confirm the installation.

Security Warning

Once the gadget installs successfully you will notice a blue color rectangular box on your desktop with the F-Connect button. To authenticate your account and to access to the gadget you need to press that button and allow the application access via browser.


Once you have authenticated your Facebook account, it’s time to play with your new gadget.


Understanding FB Explorer

Though FB Explorer may look small in size, it’s packed with amazing features. The screenshot below marks all the important sections of the gadget.

Fb Explorer Details Nt 1

Status Update

Status Update

The status update section shows your latest updated status on Facebook. Hover your mouse button over the update to view all of it using the quick tip window.

Post New Status

Post New Status1

The change status button opens a new adjacent window to update your status on Facebook. You can also post a link or delete your last updated status. For now there is no way one can upload and post photographs but developers have promised to implement it in the next release.



Here you will see all your requests and messages. This section just notifies you, if you click on any one of them you will redirected to your Facebook page where you can have full access to them.



This button brings back the Facebook posting feel. You can update status, access friend’s wall, your own wall, notifications and friends list all from one place.

Friends Activity

Friends Activity

You can consider it as your mini Facebook news feed. It gives you some of the latest status updates made by your friends on their timeline. Not only text but you can view also photos from the feeds right from the gadget.



You can have a quick look on your Facebook notification using the button. Once you click on any notification you will be redirected to Facebook page and it’s the same’ol story again.



Settings allow you to change a little something here and there in the gadget. You can change the theme and the size, check for updates or even reset the gadget all together.



Use it to manually refresh the gadget or to logout successfully once you are done for the day.



As the name says, it closes the Gadget. To reopen the gadget right click anywhere on your desktop, click on gadgets and select FB Explorer from the list.

My Verdict

I love working with desktop gadgets for their ease of access and low memory consumption. FB Explorer is one of the very few gadgets that lived up to my expectations. It has everything one needs on Facebook on a daily basis. Go on, get your gadget today.

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