Swackett is an Online Weather App That Won’t Bore You

Remember the times when we used to switch off the TV when the weather guy (or weather girl) came on? Global warming has done a lot to blow away that nonchalant attitude. Today, we need news on the weather just as we need to know the traffic reports. If forewarned is forearmed (with an umbrella mind you), then Swackett is the pretty weather app that should be on your browser.

Just how pretty is it? Take a peek at the screenshot below:


It looks prettier in the high-contrast 9.7 inch screen of the iPad. Oh yes, Swackett has a free iPad app for those enviable many who own Apple’s gizmo. For those poor folks who don’t, the web app is the way to go.

Watching Out For Bad Weather Can Be Fun Too

Let’s start with the name. ‘Swackett’ is a combo of sweater, jacket, or coat. There’s nothing in the name, but there’s everything in the way this weather app visually presents you the weather data for your location. It starts in a humdrum way with the homepage where you key in your location. The auto-suggest helps you out. If you plan to stay for long, you can sign-in and set your personal preferences.


The weather data is brought to you from Accuweather, one of the world’s leading weather forecasters. Swackett repackages the whole thing in an attractive interface and gives it a very appealing fun touch. Accompanying you with the weather info are characters called ‘Peeps’. Peeps are caricatures who are dressed as per the weather in your location. In the sweltering summer of India, they can be seen wearing light clothes and carrying water.


The weather report is completely visual. The weather data is shown for – current conditions, today’s forecast, tonight’s forecast, and tomorrow’s forecast. Peeps help to colorfully explain the situation outside the house.

The whimsical weather is well covered by forecasts for each hour of the day (and the week too). So, you are well prepared if you want to romance your date in the rain.


A strip that displays radar and satellite imagery is available is you can sense where the wind blows and the movement of the clouds.


The serious side of Swackett you should keep an eye on is the alerts and warnings. They are available for certain locations. I guess it’s mostly U.S. specific. You can set up watches for the locations you want to keep an eye on by clicking on a map of the United States.


Swackett is a very thoughtfully designed weather app. It brings back the fun into the humdrum job of checking the weather. Are you weather-wise? Let us know.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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