How to Use Mouse Shortcuts in Firefox With MouseControl

Most of us like to use keyboard shortcuts on Windows or any other application to increase the accessibility (and productivity). If you are a Firefox user you must have used shortcuts like Ctrl+T to open new tab, Ctrl+Tab to navigate between tabs etc. These shortcuts are a cool way to save time (even if it’s just fraction of seconds.. it adds up you know).

If you love the concept of shortcuts as a whole then I am sure you won’t be averse to trying out some mouse button shortcuts. That could further speed up your daily activities on the computer.

Introducing MouseControl for Firefox

MouseControl provides an easy way to have control on tabs in Firefox using mouse buttons. The plugin allows a user to open, close, navigate and zoom in/out of open tabs with unique mouse button combinations.

The application is easy to install and use. To install the plugin make sure you are browsing on Firefox 4 and above, and visit MouseControl add-on page. On the page click on +Add to Firefox to install the plugin. After the plugin installs successfully, restart your Firefox for the changes to take effect.

Install Addon

Once the plugin is installed you can straight away start using it. To test try out some of the default button combinations stated below.

  • While holding down right mouse button scroll up or down to move focus between tabs.
  • Double click right mouse button to open a new tab.
  • While holding down left mouse button scroll up/down to zoom in/out of page.

This is not all; you can manually configure the plugin to suit your needs. To configure the plugin open Add-on manager from the Firefox menu or just use the shortcut key (Ctrl+Shit+A) and navigate to Extensions tab.

Form the list of all the add-ons you have installed look for MouseControl and click on options to open the configuration window.

Mouse Control Addon Config

In the configuration window you can toggle various options to suit your needs.

Mouse Control Options

Click on the trigger layout to customize the action button configuration. Finally when you are done click on apply and save your settings.

Mouse Control

Voila!, now you can use your mouse buttons to handle all your tabs in Firefox.

My Verdict

The plugin is a great way to speed up your Firefox usage with a mouse button. In the beginning it will be tough to memorize all combinations but once you master this add-on, you might never need to look back at keyboard shortcuts.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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