How to Quickly and Easily Share Screen Captures With Puush

It’s very difficult to spot the screenshot app you are likely to keep in the crowd of screen capture tools. Puush is a freeware that asks for your attention (and manages to hold on to it) because of its super-simplicity. Puush is a super-quick and super-simple way to share screenshots and files right from your desktop. It is also cross-platform with support for Windows and Mac OS X.


Before you start confusing it with being an online app, let’s clarify that Puush is actually a desktop application with an online gallery. The online gallery lets you store and manage your screenshots in the cloud.

Capturing screens with Puush starts off with downloading the 2.07 installer and creating an online account.


Puush works from the system tray. Let’s see a typical screen capture process. You can use shortcut keys or mouse gestures (right-click on the tray icon to select) to capture an entire window, desktop, or an area.


The capture is “puush’d” into your online account, leaving behind a short URL in your clipboard, perfect for reusing anywhere else like your Twitter, IRC or IM clients. You can also open up the image in a separate browser tab to preview it. The cool thing about the screen capture URL is that when you click it, you get the image directly in all its glory, without any other unnecessary bits of information.

You can also “push” files to the cloud and get an URL to share. For instance, I can upload a PDF or a Word document and share it with the unique “puush” URL.

You can also go into the settings and define a local folder to save all your screenshots.


Going to your online account, you can manage all your screen captures (and files) by making them public or private in designated pools. The cloud space gives you 200 MB of space for your images. Each image must not exceed 20 MB in size. You can easily delete old images to create room for new ones if you run short. Files are stored forever.


Puush has a free and a premium account. 200 MB of space in the free account will suffice for everyday use. What’s appealing is that the tool and the online site is without any frills (yes, not even ads). Push and share instantly.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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