Reviewing Nitro PDF Reader, a Great Free Alternative to Adobe Reader

What’s the first word that strikes your mind when you want to get something photocopied? Xerox right! In the same way, one word that strikes the mind of masses when they see a PDF file is Adobe. Since the day Adobe Acrobat Reader was introduced in 1993 it has been the default PDF reader on almost every single computer.

Surely it was one of the best PDF readers and most of us, including me, liked it but as time passed Acrobat Reader lost its charm. No doubt many new features were introduced as the years progressed but it lost its simplicity, became sluggish to use and, mostly, became just annoying.

Some nice free alternatives to Adobe PDF Reader have emerged in the past few years, and Nitro PDF Reader is one of them.

Introducing Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF is not just another application to open PDF files on Windows; it’s a lot more. In spite of being a freeware one can do so much with Nitro PDF when it comes to all things PDF.

Here are some of the features that make Nitro PDF stand out from the rest and make it probably the best Adobe Acrobat reader alternative.

Features that Make it the Best Adobe PDF Reader Alternative

Here we go.

1. Ability to extract text and images

Extract Text Or Images1

If you want to extract images or extract part of text from an unrestricted PDF, Nitro PDF can do the trick in a matter of a mouse click. All you need to do is click on the Extract image or Extract text button on the ribbon. If the document has restricted contents you can always take a snapshot. It can select any on-screen area and copy it directly to your clipboard that you can use somewhere else.

2. Easy creation of PDF files

Create Pdf

Using Nitro PDF you can not only read PDF files but can also create them. To create a PDF file for a document all you need to do is drag and drop it onto the Nitro Reader desktop icon. If you want to create PDF files for online content directly from your browser you can add Nitro PDF Creator as a printer in your computer and select it when printing to create a PDF.

3. One click preview in Windows explorer and Outlook

Preview Pdf

If you have a huge list of PDF files and are not sure as to which file you want to work on, Nitro PDF enables you to preview the content of any PDF file within Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

4. Ease of adding comment and..

Test Note

If you want to add notes or mark up some sections of your document while reading for future references, believe me Nitro PDF is the best. One can add notes, markup text create and customize popup notes or even type text anywhere on the document, whatever solves your purpose.

5. Low on resources with lightning fast speed

Though Nitro PDF comes stuffed with features it uses minimum system resources. Also the time it takes to load a document is nothing as compared to the latest Acrobat reader which needs to load thousands of plugins and DLL files just to open a PDF form.

My Verdict

When I used Nitro PDF I was really surprised. I mean one can read, edit, create and do so much more with PDF file using Nitro PDF and all this came without a price tag. Although these features are more than enough for a basic user but if you want even more you can always buy Nitro PDF Professional. It’s feature packed with twice as many features as compared to Adobe Professional but comes at one-fourth the price.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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