2 Chrome Add-ons to Share Links to All Open Tabs At Once

Let’s say you are researching something and want to create a shareable bundle of links in one shot. You can copy the links one by individual one and share them with social buttons. You can also paste them into the body of your email and click on send. You can also use an URL shortener to shorten them. But none of these lends you the time saving benefits of two handy add-ons we are going to discuss today.

Both make multiple link sharing through all your open tabs a breeze. Lets check them out.

Tab Bundles

Url Shorten01

When it comes to URL shorteners, Bit.ly is probably the first one that comes to mind. Tab Bundles is a Google Chrome extension that helps you out by copying all the URLs of your open tabs to Bit.ly. You don’t have to individually copy all the URLs to Bit.ly. Later, you can use Bit.ly to create shortened URL bundles or use any of its usual features.

You must have a Bit.ly account to make them both work together. You can open up the options on the extension and selectively apply filters by ignoring links that begin with specific strings or domains.


Url Shorten02

Tabulate is another Chrome extension that does not use Bit.ly to shorten URLs but instead relies on a service called BridgeURL to shorten multiple links and send them together in one bundle. A single click on Tabulate condenses all the links in your open tabs into one BridgeURL link. You can conveniently share this single link across the web. The one plus with Tabulate is that you don’t need an account with the associated BridgeURL service. But then, you also miss out on the power features that Bit.ly has.

Tab Bundles and Tabulate are very simple extensions that boost your productivity. I use it also as something like a session saver…I can copy all the open tabs I was working on and save their links in one with a single click.

Tell us how useful you find these two Chrome extensions. If you got a different trick in your bag to share open tabs quickly, we’d love to hear about that too!

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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