3 Cool Free Services That Will Amplify Your World of Music

It’s often very difficult to keep in touch with new music. I don’t have a car and definitely don’t have an FM radio anymore, which leaves me with music blogs and internet radio. What about local concerts, or shows near me? Or what if I wanted to explore new music that wasn’t in the top 40, or share them with friends?

I have three powerful tools that will change the way you interact with music by using the internet. Lets check them out.


ShowHopping is a location-based service that updates you with what concerts are near your location. Powered by Last.fm, I won’t be surprised as it starts to gain momentum and a more comprehensive listing of concerts. No credit taken away though, ShowHopping already offers a surprisingly decent amount of coverage.

Showhopping Intro

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can enter your location or simply click Find Me. ShowHopping then locates you and loads a map that shows a remarkable number of concerts within your designated proximity (by default 50 miles). As you can see, these pegs are clickable (it’s basically a Google Maps sort of thing).

Showhopping Screen1

Clicking on a link in a peg will lead you to a page where you can purchase tickets from a vendor.

Showhopping Ticket

If you want to get more connected with the local music scene, or if you’d just moved somewhere and want to check out local shows, use ShowHopping and get plugged in.

We are Hunted

We are Hunted is basically a cleaner, more refined and more streamlined version of something like Last.fm or Jango. It’s quite minimalistic and graphics-heavy, which I really like. The homepage features the most popular songs in rotation at the moment.

Wah Overview

The beauty of We are Hunted lies in the Discover function. Similar to Jango, We are Hunted discovers the music you like and creates a playlist based on what it figures your tastes are. You have the options to Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Skip a Track, and Create a Playlist. Naturally, if you Thumbs Up a song more similar ones will pop up, and vice versa for a Thumbs Down.

Wah Discover1

As you Create a Playlist, We are Hunted cranks out a playlist customized for you.

Wah Discovered

There’s also a very active community on We are Hunted. If you’re interested in exploring the features, have a look at We are Hunted.


I really love the concept of being able to share music with friends. Soundcloud does this, as well as Grooveshark. However, Outloud.fm takes this kind of sharing service to the next level, by creating an interface where users can upload their own music and their own mixes onto the website.

You’ll need a Twitter or Facebook account to sign up for Outloud.fm. Once you register, you will be able to Create a Room. Title it and get it running!

Outloud Intro

Here is how your room will look like by default. In the top left corner, you will be able to upload music simply by connecting some tracks from SoundCloud.

Outloud Own Room

You will also be able to drag and drop tracks from your computer into the Outloud.fm interface.

Outloud Music Uploading

Uploading music doesn’t take too long, and in fact is quite a speedy process.

Outloud Music Uploaded

That’s it! Now all you have to do is share the URL that is in the top middle of the page, and share it with your friends. If you’re a DJ, this is an excellent tool to spread your music to listeners. Curious to listen to what I just uploaded? Check my room out at Outloud.fm.

Here’s what a more populated room looks like:

Outloud Overview

Notice the live chat feed, and the great amount of live interaction with listeners. I think that this is what sets Outloud.fm apart from the bigger players in the music services industry. If you’re interested, check out Outloud.fm!

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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