How to Backup Folders and Sync Changes in Real Time with Bvckup

It’s said about life and sports that if you do the basics right, everything will fall into place. The same think can be said about the simple job of backing up your files, folders, and vital data. The simplest jobs should be done with the simplest of tools. Bvckup – a free, real time Windows backup tool fits the bill perfectly.

Bvckup creates backups of your important folders. It monitors the original folders for any changes and updates the backup folder accordingly. Hence it can be defined as a folder cloning utility. There are two things which will instantly appeal to you about this free backup software – the uncomplicated interface and the backup speed. Let’s reveal both…


Bvckup weighs in at just 478 KB. It runs from the system tray and takes up minimal memory. The simple interface hides the capable features of the tool. You can get into these features after specifying your source folder and the location of the backup folder.


Drilling down into the features after clicking on the ‘More’ button expands the scope of any backup operation. Here are the salient features:

1. You can schedule your backup intervals, take the manual option, or set it on folder updates. The last option makes more sense.


2. You can speed up the backup job by choosing to backup new or modified files only. You can even select the nature of modification and what exactly should be copied. To eliminate errors, you can copy modified files in full instead of part-by-part backups.


3. You can give the software more control over the backup jobs by setting up rules and configuring the filter options. It enables the backup job to include (or exclude) a specific folder or file.


4. I could not test this out, but the program page mentions a very important point on error handling. Backup jobs are protected because Bvckup can tell the difference between file-specific and global errors.  If there is an error in a single file, it will not bring the rest of the backup job to a standing halt.

5. Bvckup and its real time monitoring is supported with instant feedback. You can get the status report on a backup operation from the Info Panel.

It took me about 10 minutes to learn the ins-and-outs of the software. The no-frills and all function nature of Bvckup removes any excuses you might have for getting to this basic but often neglected task of protecting your data.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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