Use Windows Network Diagnostics to Repair Network Issues in Windows 7

One morning you are working flawlessly on your computer with all the network connectivity working seamlessly, and the next morning all of a sudden you notice a yellow exclamation mark on your network connectivity icon with a message saying “Windows was unable to connect to the specific network”.

Ever faced this situation?

Unable To Connect

All these issues can be pretty frustrating at times if you have no clue about networking. Fortunately, Windows 7 comes with a built-in Network Diagnostics tool that can be used to repair a troubling network connection.

To start the diagnostic click on Start button and type in fix network in the search box. You’ll see a bunch of options showing up. Click on the one that says Find and fix networking and connection problems.

Fix Network

Once the troubleshooting window appears, click on advance option and run the program again as an administrator. You may also check apply repairs automatically if you want to solve the problem without any interruption

Internet Troubleshoot

Select the type of connection you want to diagnose for troubleshooting and click on next. Windows will now try to find problem with the network connectivity.

Detecting Problems

Windows network diagnostics is very effective for common network problems like DNS or Proxy troubleshoot and the chance of finding a solution is good enough but if the tool fails to find any effective solution to your problem you can take either of the following steps.


You can either contact Microsoft online support and get your problem solved or use system restore tool to restore your computer to an earlier time before all the problem started or call your local tech guy and let him have a look at your networking issues as a final resort

Options Available

My Verdict

Windows Network Diagnostics tool is a decent approach to find and fix common network problems. It must be used before you call anyone for help. Believe me, it can also save you from one those embarrassing situations when you called up the guy to fix the problem and he just came in and changes the IP address or computer name in case of a conflict and charge you a good sum of money as a service charge.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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