Quick­ly Write and Pub­lish Online With Scri­f­fon, a Sim­ple Writ­ing Tool

Herbert Lui

You’re struggling. You don’t know whether or not that new piece of writing looks a bit unusual to readers, and you’re peeking over your shoulder because you know your name shows up on Google and all the employers can find you somehow. Yet you want to publish these thoughts to the world. They’re important and they can help educate, or entertain your fellow humans.

This means you can’t publish it on your blog, because you’ve already got your identity associated with it. What should you do? Can you publish your writing somewhere using a pseudonym? Absolutely!

Scriffon Logo

Scriffon is a free web app that has the simplicity of Q10, but also allows you to publish your writing online. And it is minimalist and text based, just like SimpleNote. Conversely, I’d probably be a lot more likely to publish something using this interface than through an interface that’s used for taking notes (you could publish with SimpleNote too in case you didn’t know). One great twist: you can change your profile before you write something, so that it gets published under a name that is not your own.

Scriffon is an absolute breeze to sign up for. Before you start writing, it will suggest you select a pen name:

Scriffon Pseudonym1

If you want to use a pseudonym, now is the time to use one! Don’t be afraid to be creative with the name — in fact, it’s probably more memorable if you avoid generic names like Jimmy Smith.

The Scriffon main screen shows a listing of your latest drafts, and also features a big New Writing button. Your name shows up in the top left corner, so if you have your real name and a pseudonym as pen names you’ll want to double check that you’re publishing under the right pen name before pulling the trigger.

Scriffon Overview1

You’ll notice that you can also link a Scriffon account to your Twitter account. Please be careful that you connect it with your real pen name, not your pseudonym!

The Scriffon writing screen is very simple. Basically, you can edit the title, subtitle, and input your writing at the bottom of the screen.

Scriffon Writing

I’m a fan of the default font — I love my serif fonts, but I’d prefer for the font to be adjustable. Given that this service revolves heavily around writing, I think it’s only appropriate that people get their preference when creating their masterpieces.

At the same time, Scriffon has saved everyone a lot of hassle by making things simple and keeping them at a very basic level. Here’s how an article looks when it is published, again in the sans serif font and simple layout:

Scriffon Publish1

As you can see, there’s the ability for readers to subscribe to your pen name’s publications, as well as easy access to Tweets and Facebook recommendations for those social media fanatics. (For those curious, you can see the actual piece of writing here.)

If you want easy publishing with a simple, online interface and storage in the cloud, check out the free, minimalist, and easy-to-use Scriffon.

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