Google Pix­el 2 Sports Auto­mat­ic Do Not Dis­turb Mode For Dis­tract­ed Drivers

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Phones giving out alerts while driving could be quite a nuisance, Google understands that and has incorporated an automated system in the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL devices that will be quite helpful for users behind the wheel.

Google Pixel 2 Vs First Generation Pixel 4

Google’s Ambient Services app that allows the Pixel 2 to enable the Now Playing service, which has a number of secret services to offer. One of them is the automated Do Not Disturb mode while driving.

Pixel 2’s Automated DND System

This feature, embedded in the app, allows the device to detect when the user is moving at a fast pace, calculating if the person is driving or not. As reported, this feature is available for both Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL.

Many device makers such as the Apple iPhone with the new iOS 11, also get a similar feature where the device mutes notification so that the person sitting behind the wheel can concentrate more on the road and less on the phone.

Pixel Drive

With the help of the Ambient Sevices app, the device makes use of its integrated sensors and even the Bluetooth connections to determine if the vehicle is in motion and enables the feature if any motion is detected.

Passengers, however, can easily disable this system through the application.

Passengers, however, can easily disable this system through the application. It’s also very useful for users who commute using public transportation as well.

Google Pixel 2 Has More to Offer

Google Pixel 2 sports Google Lens, which can take pictures from your surroundings and recognize phone numbers and address, and ask follow-up questions about what you want to do with the information.

Google Lens

Google Lens has an accuracy rate of 95%. It also supports augmented reality (AR) and features AR stickers.

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