Want to Know How Healthy You Are? These Smart Tat­toos Will Tell You

Rahul Gupta

Tattoos are great when it comes to making a fashion statement but, in the near future, they would also be able to monitor your health and give you vital information about your body.

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In the fashion world, people really look forward to getting inked to make a bold statement. And researchers at Harvard and MIT are looking at them as the next big thing in health and fitness-related wearable technology.

Smart Tattoos On Their Way

Wearable health devices monitor vital signs that a user’s body gives in order to present a comprehensive report about their health. For them to do so, the devices need to be in constant contact with the user’s body.

Tattoos, on the other hand, are permanent and are quite literally embedded to one’s body. Researchers have combined some interesting tech in this to offer a viable and ever-ready solution to monitor one’s health.

By incorporating biosensors in the ink that is used to make tattoos, researchers have offered a reliable yet an ever-present solution for monitoring health.

These biosensors react according to the concentration of sodium, glucose, and the pH level in the interstitial fluid of the skin, allowing them to change color as per the concentration of these different fluids.

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Using this, a person with a tattoo can just have a look at it and tell if his the body is functioning normally or if there is a lack or over-concentration of something.

Project Dermal Abyss

The team behind Project Dermal Abyss has managed to create different shades of ink that change color according to the chemistry of the body’s interstitial fluids.

Inks developed so far change from green to brown as the glucose concentration increases inside the user’s body.

The team has also developed another ink that becomes more intense as the sodium concentration rises in one’s body.

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With the help of smart tattoos, the reliance on additional devices is removed completely. These inks do not require any external factor or force to work and can operate as long as the person wants to have that tattoo.

But there is definitely a cost attached to these and it can only be revealed once this tech is made available commercially. For now, we can expect some improvements on this tech and hope to see them in the near future.

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