This Smart Table­top Gad­get Can Mea­sure a Dish’s Calo­ries in 10 Seconds

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Measuring your calorie intake is the best way to monitor your diet if you are planning to lose weight to stay fit. Fitness brands and apps can only approximate this value but Panasonic has developed a gadget that can accurately tell you about your calorie intake in just 10 seconds.

Panasonic Calo Rieco

Dubbed as CaloRieco, this tabletop gadget can accurately analyze your food to the very basic details such as weight and portion size. In addition to calories, the system can also give a detailed breakup of different components, including fat, protein, and carbohydrates. A boon for those who closely monitor what they eat.

How They Do it

CaloRieco was designed with the idea of helping diabetic patients who need to closely monitor their calorie intake. Its benefits can be used by anyone in the family.

To analyze the food and its composition, the system relies on a method that uses near-infrared rays. The benefit of this system is that it can detect and analyze food in just a matter of seconds — 10 to be precise.

Additionally, it takes the weight into consideration and offers a comprehensive report so that you stay healthy.

Way for the Future

Right now, the system can offer information regarding the composition of the food you are about to eat with the help of an app. Going further, the company also wants to bake-in some smartness into the system that would allow the engine to offer recipe suggestions to users. These suggestions will be based on the type of requirement they have by getting a glimpse of the food that they are about to eat.

Food and restaurant owners can also use CaloRieco to offer personalized service to customers.

While users can definitely benefit out of this system, food and restaurant owners can also make use of these gadgets to offer a more personalized service to customers. They can alter the ingredients according to the need of the consumer and offer a healthier yet delicious dining option.

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