Robot Pro­vides Super Steady Hands For Del­i­cate Microsurgery

Rahul Gupta

Microsurgery, necessary for tiny blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, is extremely difficult and very steady hands to be performed. That’s the reason why only a handful of surgeons are willing to do such surgeries and the number is too small for the entire world.

Micro Sure

To address this issue, a company called Microsure has developed a robot that can now help surgeons perform complex microsurgeries by offering highly precise movements.

Plastic surgeons at the Maastricht University Medical Center+ recently took the help of one such robot to perform a surgery on a patient suffering from Lymphedema, a chronic condition in which fluid builds up and causes swelling.

The treatment required the connection of lymphatic vessels to the blood vessels to restore lymphatic flow and improve the condition of the patient.

With the help of this robot, surgeons were able to suture vessels of 0.3mm and 0.8mm in the arm of the patient.

The patient is doing well now and is now recovering, as reported.

Future of Microsurgery

Given the fact that only a few surgeons globally can perform such complex surgeries by hands, robots and machines like the one developed by Microsure can help surgeons globally perform such complex surgeries.

We aim to assist surgeons during other types of complex microsurgical procedures like tissue reconstructions after removal of a tumor.

— Raimondo Cau, tech head of Microsure

“This proves that our technology is a key breakthrough in improving surgical care. As a next step, we aim to assist surgeons during other types of complex microsurgical procedures like tissue reconstructions after removal of a tumor. Using our device they will be able to perform surgery with better precision and fewer complications,” says Raimondo Cau, the technical brain of Microsure.

Remote Surgeries are a Possibility

There are surgeries taking place globally via remote connections. With such machines, more complex surgeries are now possible.

The question for the future is how these machines can be integrated with the existing medical system to offer surgical help to patients remotely.

Microsurgeries require precision machines as they operate in a factor of millimeters and as the technology progresses, more investors can be expected in the future.

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