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Earlier today, we reported that Samsung is the latest one to join the list of companies offering Windows Mixed Reality headsets with the Samsung HMD Odyssey and we thought you should have a list out of other headsets as well as where to pre-order them.

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HMD Odyssey, the first Samsung VR headset to join the Windows Mixed Reality brigade, is retailing at a price of $499 and is scheduled to be shipped on November 6, 2017. The upcoming Samsung HMD Odyssey is the most expensive option among VR headsets.

Users will be able to embrace the world of Windows Mixed Reality following the release of the Fall Creators update on October 17, 2017.

Available Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Hmd Odyssey

  • Samsung HMD Odyssey
  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset
  • Dell Visor
  • HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset
  • Lenovo Explorer

Where to Pre-order Windows MR Headsets

All of the aforementioned Windows Mixed Reality-compatible headsets are available for pre-order and the links are given below.


Samsung HMD Odyssey

The Samsung HMD Odyssey features Dual AMOLED high-resolution displays, a 110° field of view, built-in premium AKG headphones and a microphone with support for Cortana, and built-in 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) inside-out position tracking.

The HMD Odyssey also sports a clickable touchpad with Menu and Windows power button, thumbstick, indicator light.

The device will be available starting November 6, 2017. Pre-order the Samsung HMD Odyssey here.

Acer Windows MR Headset

Acer offers their Windows Mixed Reality Headset with motion controllers. With the headset and controllers paired, the full position and rotational tracking in the headset enable you to easily create content or play games.

The device will be available starting October 17, 2017. Pre-order the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

Dell Visor

The Dell Visor sports 1440×1440 LCD panels that enable a sharp and smooth 360° panoramic experience. The device features a well-cushioned head and face padding that allow for comfortable wear, even for people who wear glasses.

The device will be available starting October 17, 2017. Pre-order the Dell Visor.

HP Windows MR Headset

The HP Windows Mixed Reality headset will also come bundled with motion controllers to allow users optimum Windows Mixed Reality experiences.

The device will be available starting October 17, 2017. Pre-order the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

Lenovo Explorer

The Lenovo Explorer headset tracks your movements with superior fidelity and spatial awareness so you can move around naturally in an area of 3.5 by 3.5 meters without needing to constantly reorient yourself.

No external sensors are needed to use the Lenovo Explorer, meaning you can set it up in minutes by simply connecting a cable to your PC.

The device will be available starting October 17, 2017. Pre-order the Lenovo Explorer.

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