Snap Inc. Sold More Spec­ta­cles than Apple iPods in First Year

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Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc., Snapchat’s parent company, has said in an interview that the company has sold more than 150,000 Spectacles till now.

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For the uninitiated, Spectacle is Snap’s video recording goggles, which enables users to post videos of what they are seeing directly on Snapchat.

In an interview with Walter Isaacson on Tuesday at Vanity Fair’s fourth annual New Establishment Summit in Beverly Hills, Spiegel discussed the future of his company and the success of their first hardware product.

He added that he took pride in the fact that they have beaten the record of Apple’s initial year sale of 143,000 iPods. This turns out to be a big deal since the iPod was a revolutionary product from Apple which put the company on its present success streak.

Snap Inc. has beaten Apple’s record of initial year sale of 143,000 iPods

Snap rebranded themselves into a camera making company with the launch of Spectacles in February which was priced at $130. The company had seen a slow start to the quarter with sales worth a little more than $8 million. This shows that the company had sold only around 61,500 Spectacles during that quarter.


The present figure of 150,000 shows that the sales have picked up and hence the happy tone of the CEO. But he talks about the troubles he faced when he tried to sell his vision to the investors. And this shows in the fact that Snap’s shares have taken a dip of more than 34% over the course of last 6 months even though their IPO has seen some big growth.

“I think investors are fearful, and fear is a powerful motivator — they’re fearful we’ll never be profitable, or they’re fearful that competition will kill us or something like that,” Spiegel said. “But I think those are kind of normal fears for any start-up.”

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