13 Cool Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Tricks That You Must Know

With its dual lens and dual optical image-stabilized cameras, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 camera can be easily termed as one of the top flagship cameras. With its wide array of features, you have an almost perfect camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

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In order to get the most out of the Galaxy Note8 camera, we have gone through every nook and corner of the camera app and came up with a list of the coolest Samsung Galaxy Note8 camera tips and tricks.

Let’s get started.

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1. Tweak the Live Focus Mode for Two Pictures Sans the Blur

Dual Capture is one of the most highlighted features of the Samsung GalaxyNote8. As you might already know, it lets you capture two frames — close-up and wide-angle shot– at one go. However, this mode is only available in the Live Focus mode.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 15

While the Live Focus mode doesn’t work in all situations or you surely don’t want blur in every picture, you can still use this mode to capture two pictures minus the blur.

Screenshot 20171004 173505

All you need to do is tap on Live Focus, minimize the blur to zero and capture the shots. This way, you can have the dual shots minus the blur effect.

Just head to the Gallery and save whichever mode looks best to you.

2. Say Cheese for Selfies

Given the large display of the Note8, it’s a tad tough to reach the shutter button when it comes to capturing selfies. In such cases, you can opt for the Voice control options.

Screenshot 20171004 173527

Using this method, you can take pictures just by uttering a few pre-set words. This setting has been inherited from the Galaxy S8 and can be found in most of the mid-tier phones too. Just head over to the Settings menu and toggle the Voice control switch to On.

Cool Tip

3. Make a GIF Using the Selfie Shooter

Because celebrity GIFs are too mainstream.

You can create impressive GIFs using the Note8 camera. The Galaxy Note8 packs in a handful of cool camera modes and the Animated GIF mode is one of them.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 17

All you need to do is swipe left to access the camera modes, tap on the download button and select Animated GIFs.

From now on, whenever you want to record an impressive Meh moment, hoist up your camera, record and send. Who needs to search for celebrity GIFs now, you tell me!

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4. Create a Slow Motion Video

Slow-mo shots were immortalized by none other than the hugely popular NBC show, Baywatch. The good thing is that you can create such awesome slow-mo videos with your Note8.

Screenshot 20171004 173540
Screenshot 20171004 173640

Similar to the above, this one can also be accessed by swiping left. Once you record the video, just adjust the part where you’d like to add the slow-mo effect and save it.

The best part of these features is that the built-in camera modes easily replace quite a number of third-party camera apps.

5. Zoom In Seamlessly

Thanks to the dual camera lenses, the Note8 packs in a neat 2x optical zoom. While this may come handy in taking macro shots or capturing faraway images. Apart from the above, it also packs in a 10x digital zoom.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 9
A shot captured with the 2x optical zoom of the Samsung Galaxy Note8

The good news is that instead of pinching out in the viewfinder, you can easily zoom into the image using the shutter button. Just place your finger over the shutter button and drag it up/down to zoom in and out.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 1

What’s more, you can also see the level of the zoom that you want just by the side.

6. Capture a Selfie With the Rear Camera

Undoubtedly, the selfie shooter of the Galaxy Note8 is incredible. If you’d like to utilize the rear camera for your selfies, trust the Note8 to take care of it without breaking a sweat.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 13

Swipe left to enable the Rear Cam selfie mode. Having done that, the camera will search for your face in the pre-selected area and once it recognizes the shot will be captured in a moment’s time.

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7. Bring on the Bokeh to Your Selfies

Speaking of selfies, the selfie shooters also packs in a cool Selective Focus mode, which brings in the Bokeh effect to selfies as well.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 4

All you have to do is choose the focus object, tap on the shutter button and wait a couple of seconds for the camera to do the background processing. The end result is a neat picture with the background softly blurring away.

You can even remove the blur later through the Adjust Background Blur button.

8. Utilize the Pro Mode for Low Exposure Shots

It’s no secret that most of us tend to use the Auto mode when it comes to capturing our memorable moments. But at the end of the day, the Auto mode can seldom accurately capture nature’s immensely beautiful scenes and sceneries.

Despite the typical notion, dabbling with the pro mode isn’t that tough

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 10
A shot of bamboo lanterns captured using the pro mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note8

Despite the typical notion, dabbling with the pro mode isn’t that tough, provided you know the basics of photography. Especially for low light shots or frames with higher light output, all you need is a proper exposure setting with a balanced ISO setting and the rest will be taken care by the camera.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 8
A shot of lanterns captured using the pro mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note8

Cool Tip

9. Fidgety Toddler? Use the Tracking Autofocus

If you have ever tried to take a picture of your always-on-the-move pet, you might be able to recollect the endless numbers of defocused pictures. Well, with the Note8, you can bid farewell to this exasperation for it packs in a cool Tracking Autofocus mode.

Screenshot 20171004 173602

The feature is hidden in the settings menu. When enabled it continually focusses on any moving object until you hit the shutter button.

10. Tap the Heart Rate Sensor for Selfies

Another cool feature inherited from the Galaxy S8/S8+ is the heart rate sensor doubling up as a shutter button. So the next time when you are posing for a selfie, tap the heart rate sensor and your picture will be taken.

Next time when you are posing for a selfie, tap the heart rate sensor

If you ask me, I find it more helpful than the on-screen shutter button. Not only does it makes capturing pictures easy but also result in blur-free pictures – a possible outcome if selfies are captured using the volume rockers.

11. Capture the Moments Before a Shot with Motion Photos

In an era where everyone is too pressed for time, it’s imperative that you capture the moments spent together as much as possible. A great example of such moments are the times immediately preceding a shot.

Screenshot 20171004 173613

The best example of capturing such scenes is through the Motion Photos feature. This feature records a clip a few seconds before the picture is shot.

12. Add More Stickers

With the introduction of stickers in the Galaxy S8, Samsung forayed into the area of live stickers and stamps. However, if you have already used up all the sticker options and looking for more, let me tell you that the Note8 won’t disappoint you.

Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks 7
All you need to do is tap on stickers, select the plus icon at the lower right corner and choose from the diverse range of stickers. Click on More to see the entire range of products.

13. One Finger Camera Operation

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a rather tall device, hence the need for one-handed mode is even more. When it comes to the camera interface, it’s easy to navigate through the filters and camera modes.

All you need to do is swipe up and down on the screen to alternate between the front and rear camera while a right/left swipe will land you in the filters and modes page.

Click Away!

The Samsung Galaxy Note8’s camera is one of the best cameras in the Android world. On a more personal note, I would have liked the Live Focus mode to be a bit more user-friendly. I found the updated Portrait mode of the OnePlus 5 better in handling the Bokeh effect.

We hope that your Note8 camera experience becomes better with the above tips and tricks. Enjoy clicking!

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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