Samsung’s HMD Odyssey joins Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Brigade

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Microsoft’s VR line-up just got stronger as Samsung has announced that it’s joining the unreal extravaganza. Samsung’s HMD Odyssey is the first Samsung VR headset to join the Windows Mixed Reality brigade. It’s scheduled to be shipped on November 3 and is available for pre-order.

Samsung HMD Odyssey

As Microsoft gets ready to launch its highly-anticipated update – the Fall Creators Update – on October 17, the tech giant announced last night that Samsung is introducing a room-scale VR headset for the Windows platform.

The most expensive member of the Windows VR team, the HMD Odyssey is priced at $499.

Samsung’s HMD Odyssey is priced at $499

Weighing 645g, the headset is not that heavy and needs minimal effort to keep it in its place. The controllers are super light at only 160g. The HMD Odyssey packs many more attractive features that set it apart from its competitors.

Samsung HMD Odyssey Specs

HMD Odyssey 2

  • Display: Dual 3.5” AMOLED screens with a per-eye resolution of 1440×1600 at 60-90Hz refresh rate.
  • Interface: HDMI2.0 + USB 3.0 Interface with a 4-meter-long bound cable.
  • Platform: Windows Mixed Reality.
  • Camera: Six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) with built-in inside-out tracking.
  • Audio: First-of-its-kind built-in headphones from AKG (Austrian company) and built-in microphones with support for Cortana.
  • Control: Clickable touchpad with Menu and Windows power button, thumbstick, indicator light.

Microsoft’s announced the inclusion of the HMD Odyssey at a press event in San Francisco. Samsung is quite optimistic about its first VR headset and is ready to support Microsoft’s aim to “shape the future of virtual reality“.

“When we began designing and engineering the Samsung HMD Odyssey with Microsoft, there was only one goal in mind, create a high-performing headset that’s easy to set up and can transport people to the incredible world of virtual reality,” Samsung Electronics America VP and General Manager Alanna Cotton wrote in their official statement.

“Samsung is committed to working across platforms to build cutting-edge technology, and we’re excited to partner with Microsoft to shape the future of virtual reality.”

Other headsets that have already lined up for Microsoft’s VR bandwagon include Acer’s Windows MR Headset, Dell Visor, Lenovo Explorer, HP Windows MR Headset, and Asus Windows MR Headset.

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