Undelete 360, a Useful Tool to Restore Accidentally Deleted Files

I am a diehard believer of  The Murphy’s Lawwhich says if anything can go wrong, it will. The law held true a number of times in my experience. No matter how careful one is, accidents happen and one of the most common of such scenarios is the deletion of important files from your computer, when you are in a hurry and in the habit of pressing Shift+Delete in Windows.

There are some applications available that promise to recover the lost files in one piece. One of such tools that we are going to try today is Undelete 360.

Undelete 360

Undelete 360, as the name suggests, is a tool which helps you to restore files that are deleted accidentally from your computer. It can restore files not only from your hard disk but also from removable media like pen drive, memory sticks etc.

How Undelete 360 Works

Undelete 360 comes in both desktop and portable version. The interface is self-explanatory and the ease of use is just awesome. To start the restoration process first select the specific drive you want to search for, using the search button. The application will then search that partition and return a list of all the files you have deleted in the partition recently.


You can sort the list according to file type or even search for your file using the file search box.

File Condition

Once you’ve spotted your file, have a look at its status. If it’s Very Good the luck is on your side and you can start the restoration process. If it’s Overwritten, there is nothing actually you can do about it now and the file is lost forever. If it’s any other status, keep your fingers crossed and try your luck.


Additional features

Here are some additional features of this tool.

File Preview


If you are not sure about the file name you can preview the files in the list before recovering them. Although the scope of file preview is very limited, it helps at times.

Wipe Files

Using undelete 360 you can even delete files on your disk securely. The wipe files section guarantees you that any file you delete using it cannot be recovered in future neither by undelete 360 nor by any other application in its class.

My Verdict

In a test run, the program was able to recover all the files on my 8GB memory stick after a soft format. The file preview feature is one of my personal favorites. The only limitation I encountered was the lack of ex-FAT file system support. As almost everyone these days uses the reliable NTFS file system, it’s not much of a concern. Oh yes! Did I forget to mention that the program is free to  use without any limitation.

Clip Image001

So next time you accidentally delete a file you know what to do next.

Thanks Robert Herzog for the tip!

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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