Apple Face ID like Fea­ture Might be Com­ing for Face­book Soon

Rahul Gupta

Since the launch of Apple’s revolutionary Face ID feature for the iPhone X, similar technologies are being considered as the go-to option for user authentication. Joining this bandwagon is Facebook, which might have something similar to offer soon.

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The most popular global social network, Facebook, is reportedly working on a revolutionary new feature that will once and for all change the way users log into their accounts.

Facebook has directed its attention to facial recognition as the solution for user verification and allowing users to log into their accounts. While Facebook might be planning to add this new feature, it will not be the only method and users would still be able to use the social network as they were before.

Apple claims that the Face ID is 10 times more accurate and better as compared to biometric security. Hence, facial recognition is the most obvious choice for tech giants.

How Will Facial Identification Help Users?

Facial recognition takes away the issues of the manual process of logging-in using a standard password and username. With this new tech, users can log-in by just looking at their phone. For users, it provides sheer convenience along with a little more security.

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It is unclear as to where and for what all this new feature will be used, but at the onset, it sure looks good for the brand.

How Facial Recognition Works?

Facial recognition works by identifying the key features of users face and matching it with the stored profile. In comparison to biometric security, the Face ID provides better security as Apple strongly believes that it’s highly improbable for a person to have a face exactly similar to someone else.

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