Facebook Gives Boost to Blood Donations in India

Rahul Gupta

On an average, India faces a 10 percent shortage in the blood supply as per current needs and in special scenarios and times of needs, these numbers become all the more alarming. But with its newest initiative Facebooks want to lend a helping hand and offer a solution to help people in donating and receiving blood.

Facebook Blood donation1

Facebook for Blood Donation

In a few days from now, Facebook in India is starting a revolutionary new feature allowing users to donate blood. Well, it is simpler than it sounds.

Facebook is creating a platform for users to go and register themselves as a blood donor or a receiver. Once done, when Facebook sees that there is a need and a donor nearby, it will connect the two and will leave them to communicate with each other.

This system works much like Tinder or any other dating app, but it is for a very noble cause.

To ensure user or donor privacy Facebook has made necessary provisions. Once Facebook finds a suitable donor, the system will notify him/her. Thereafter only after the acceptance from the donor, the contact details are shared.

“Starting October 1 — National Blood Donor Day — Facebook users in India will be able to start signing up to be blood donors. To help encourage participation, we’ll show a message in News Feed or people can edit their Profiles to sign up. All information will remain private and set to “only me” by default, but people can choose to share their donor status on their timelines. This will first be available on Android and mobile web, as these are the most widely-used platforms in India” states the official blog post.

Facebook Blood donation

With this new tool, Facebook aims to offer a viable solution to a very common problem. In India, it makes sense and will surely come in handy.

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