Is Qual­comm Opti­miz­ing Snap­drag­on 845 for Xiao­mi Mi 7?

Rahul Gupta

You might have heard that device makers, specifically mobile phone makers, optimising their devices based on a particular hardware, but with its new smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 7 the company has reached out to the chip maker in order for them to optimise the chip for their upcoming device.

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Xiaomi Mi 7 is going to be a path-breaking smartphone and it has been made quite clear from the information that has leaked preceding the device’s launch. Now the latest piece of information that has leaked on China’s Weibo, hints at Xiaomi pushing Qualcomm to customise and optimise their next generation chip, The Snapdragon 845 for the upcoming smartphone.

What Would Change With This?

As of now, everything is based on the best guess. However, device makers have approached chip makers to offer them customised solutions for their devices in the past as well. With Xiaomi we can expect bigger things and the company means serious business with the Mi 7.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Snapdragon 845

We already know that Xiaomi is planning on offering wireless charging on the Mi 7, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dual cameras, hi-def sound, brilliant display are all a given but what kind of performance can be expected from the upcoming device, is what needs to be seen.

Xiaomi Mi 7 is likely to high-end hardware along with the Snapdragon 845 chip and we are really hoping for an 8GB Ram and 256GB storage variant of the Mi 7 as well.

Will it be Android One?

While Xiaomi has promised that there will be several devices under the Android One brand, it is highly unlikely that the brand will offer an Android One variant for the Mi 7.

However, a newer Mi Ui ios expected with the new smartphone and all this will become clear as the expected launch date for the device is coming near

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