Here’s Why Twit­ter Wants to Give You 280 Characters

Rahul Gupta

Twitter, the famous 140-character instant message based social network might soon lose its identity as the company has decided to increase the character limit. Users might soon get close to 280 words for tweeting but why is the brand favoring the character increase is not an easy guess.

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Twitter with its 140-character limitation has pushed brains globally to be more witty and creative in order to convey their message well within the character limit.

However, soon this might change and users will get close to 280 characters to play around with.

But don’t get too excited too soon as the newly announced feature is not yet public and will eventually make its way to global users. That is if the brand feels it is a necessary upgrade.

But Does it Make Sense for Twitter Users?

Though it really makes sense for some users who have longer sentences or information to share, for the majority of users who are accustomed to the 140 character system, it might come in as a needless change.

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“Although we feel confident about our data and the positive impact this change will have, we want to try it out with a small group of people before we make a decision to launch to everyone. What matters most is that this works for our community – we will be collecting data and gathering feedback along the way. We’re hoping fewer Tweets run into the character limit, which should make it easier for everyone to Tweet”, wrote, Aliza Rosen, Product Manager, Twitter on the official blog.

What’s the Need to Make This Change?

The Twitter we see and use today is a result of a number of changes that have been made to the original product, and its all for a greater ease of use. With this new change too the company aims to offer better usability to its global followers with the ability to tweet long-form content, nearly double the limit as we see today.

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Twitter has a global presence and some languages need more characters as compared to some. For instance, in a research done by the brand, they found out that Japanese users rarely hit the 140 character limit as compared to users who type in English.

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