Cloudflare is now Offering Unmetered Mitigation Against DDoS Attacks


DDoS attacks have been a common method of activism on the internet since early 1990s and now one of the largest security firms, Cloudflare, is offering free and unlimited protection against DDoS attacks.

This offer isn’t subject to any terms, as the company announced that all their customers, irrespective of their subscribed plan, will receive unmetered mitigation against DDoS attacks — no matter the scale of the attack.

The announcement of this unfettered protection against DDoS attacks coincides with the seventh anniversary of the company.

While announcing the unmetered mitigation programme, Cloudflare CEO Mattew Prince criticized the ‘industry standard of surge pricing for DDoS attacks’, calling it ‘barely a step above extortion’.

He suggests that users, especially small businesses, are already suffering losses due to the DDoS attack and don’t need security firms to add to their woes with the additional charge for mitigating the attack.

“With today’s announcement we are eliminating this industry standard of ‘surge pricing’ for DDoS attacks. Why should customers pay more just to defend themselves? Charging more when the customer is experiencing a painful attack feels wrong,” said Matthew Prince.

Cloudflare is offering unlimited DDoS attack mitigation for all customers.

Following this announcement, Cloudflare will no longer shut a client’s account due to a DDoS attack because their current framework allows them to mitigate DDoS attack of any magnitude without affecting services of other customers on their network.

“Regardless of what Cloudflare plan you use — Free, Pro, Business, or Enterprise — we will never tell you to go away or that you need to pay us more because of the size of an attack.”

This isn’t the first time Cloudflare is looking to set industry standards. Back in 2014 they made encryption for all users free — a move criticized industry-wide — and now they’re setting new standards with unmetered mitigation against DDoS attacks.

You can learn about the techniques and security framework Cloudflare has put in place to facilitate unmetered mitigation here and here.

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