8 Vital Smartphone Accessories: Enhance Your Experience

These days our smartphones are an extension of ourselves. They act as music players, navigation, systems, cameras and can even make calls too! Can it get even better? Well with the following accessories it can.

Smartphone Accessories Enhance

Even the latest and greatest phones can do with some help sometimes from great accessories. Let’s explore further below.

Check Out These 5 Accessories

1. USB On-The-Go (OTG) Cable

Usb Otg Cable
USB OTG Cable | Flickr – Andy Melton | Licensed under CC By-SA 2.0

Typically, you use the USB port of your smartphone for charging or for connecting to a computer. With a USB OTG cable, you can connect devices to your phone which need to be connected using a ‘regular’ sized USB A cable.

Usb A
USB A Cable | Flickr – Bill Selak | Licensed under CC By-ND 2.0

This means that you can:

  • Use a keyboard or mouse
  • Use a game controller
  • Use a USB storage device

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive.

While flash drives are fair game, many smartphones will not support the higher power demands of an external harddrive attached using an OTG cable.

2. Car Mount

Smartphone Accessories Enhance

It is common these days to use a smartphone for navigation these days instead of getting a standalone device. In addition, phones are increasingly to enhance stereo systems.

However, driving while holding a cellphone in one hand can run you into a world of trouble. For this reason a car mount is ideal for appropriate usage scenarios which warrant hands-free operation of your device.

3. Case With Kickstand

Kickstand Case
Kickstand Case | Flickr – Nan Palmero | Licensed under CC By 2.0

It is recommended that you use a case to protect your phone. However, think about watching videos on it. It can be awkward holding it during longer videos.

4. Reversible Micro USB Cable

Main Reversible

Phones with USB C ports are awesome. You never have to worry about finding the right orientation when plugging it into the charging/data port. Yes, with USB C cables, there is no upside down orientation since the connector is reversible.

Until we upgrade, those of us with plain-old micro USB ports will have to just suck it up until we upgrade. Just kidding! There are cleverly designed micro USB cables out there which can be plugged into your phone regardless of if its flipped up or down.

Reversible Micro Usb
Reversible Micro USB Cable | Scosche

External Battery Pack With Flashlight

External Battery Flashlight

External battery packs come in handy in a pinch. This is especially the case when you are on the road and in need of a charge. However, if you are planning on investing in a battery pack, go for one with a flashlight attached.

This is the type of device that you are likely to take with you everywhere. A flashlight is something that would be useful to take with you at all times as well, so why not combine the two things by purchasing one item with both functions! How many times have you dropped something and couldn’t find it because the area where it fell was poorly lit.

I know your phone has a flashlight too but sometimes, a standalone light is a little less cumbersome in some scenarios.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earphones Main 300X300
Bluetooth Earbuds | Flickr – Tatsuo Yamashita | Licensed under CC By 2.0

Earbuds are great for use on the go since they don’t take up as much space as over-the-ear and on-ear headphones. With Bluetooth earbuds, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up with any wires.

Pressy – Android Smart Button

Pressy | Amazon

Pressy is an awesome tool which can be used for automating common tasks on your phone such as starting the camera app or for checking your favorite social media network. Pressy communicates with your smartphone via a connector plugged into the headphone jack. Different button combinations can be set up for different tasks.


Touch Screen Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves
LETHMIK Touch Screen Gloves | Amazon

If you live in a colder country, you will really appreciate having a pair of touch screen gloves. These let you use your phone in the winter without having your fingers freeze.

Final Thoughts

These accessories compliment the functionality of your phone, giving a more enjoyable usage experience. Although the items listed here are useful to have, there are many more accessories which may also enhance your smartphone experience. If any come to mind please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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