AdBlock Plus Now Pro­tects Your PC From Cryp­tocur­ren­cy Min­ing Hijacks


It was revealed earlier this week that The Pirate Bay, the torrent site, was testing cryptocurrency mining using the CPU process of users and now, AdBlock Plus has come up with a feature that will protect your system from such cryptocurrency mining hijacks.

Web Security

The Adblock team has updated their interface with a filter that can be added as a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Android.

Following the installation, none of the websites will be able to mine Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency quietly in the background.

Adblocker Plus

One of the most popular Torrent websites, The Pirate Bay, currently runs advertisements on its pages to generate revenue and they are looking to replace that with cryptocurrency mining.

The Pirate Bay confirmed that they’re testing out this feature, which, if successful, could replace ad units on the website as a way of generating revenue.

“You probably read about how The Pirate Bay was testing out a new system that would dig into your CPU to fuel a cryptocurrency mining operation for itself. Maybe you’re cool with that. Probably you’re not. If not, you can add a filter to Adblock Plus that will keep your computer from becoming a crypto-mule,” AdBlocker stated in their blog post.

The torrent website had also stated that ‘the mining can be blocked by a normal ad-blocker’ and now, AdBlock Plus has come forward with a filter for the same.

Pirate Bay

“Initially, there was a small typo so all CPU for a client was used. This should be corrected now so only 20%-30% should be used. Also, it is restricted to run in one tab only so even if you have 10 tabs oven it will only be running in 1,” Pirate Bay stated on their website.

While this might be a small price to pay for most loyal users of the website, a new user who is not in the know-how of how things work around The Pirate Bay might feel bogged down by the Javascript, which is sure to slow down their CPU.

If this works for The Pirate Bay, other popular Torrent websites might also follow its footsteps.

Users, who don’t wish to support torrent websites such as Pirate Bay and others that might be looking to use their CPU processes to mine some crypto-money, now have a way out of the equation with services by AdBlock Plus and other adblocking apps.

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