Walmart Might Soon Deliver Directly to Your Refrigerator

You must have heard about doorstep delivery but what Walmart is trying out is something revolutionary, or maybe not. Walmart is working on a revolutionary way of getting products delivered to your place, yes it has been done but has anyone tried delivering stuff right to your refrigerator?

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New In-Home Delivery System

Busy lifestyle needs a workaround and buying stuff for yourself and for your family is a necessity. That is why Walmart is testing out a new method of delivering products, not just to your home but going as far as putting them in your fridge as well.

“So we asked the question: what if Walmart could help busy families like mine ensure my fridge was always well-stocked? What if we created a service that not only did my grocery shopping and brought everything to my home but even went so far as to put it directly into my fridge? And, what if it was even more convenient because this “in-fridge delivery” happened while I was at work or off doing other things,” wrote Sloan Eddleston, VP, Walmart eCommerce Strategy & Business Operations, on the official Walmart blog.

How’s it Going to Happen?

For its pilot project, Walmart is collaborating with companies that provide smart home security solutions like August Home. Using their security solution, Walmart delivery agents would be able to gain access to the buyer’s house only with prior and explicit permission.

Once the order is placed and processed from Walmart, a delivery agent will be assigned to the task. Upon the agent’s arrival, the users will get an OTP that will authenticate the entry. Users can also monitor the movement via security cameras installed.

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Once everything is done, the agent will leave the premise and a notification will be sent to the customer as well.

The pilot run is currently in progress at Silicon Valley and a lot rides on its success. But for now, it sure sounds like a pretty cool way of shopping without any hassles.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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