Face ID Might Become Stan­dard on all Apple Devices in 2018

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Face ID is one of the many breakthrough techs that Apple has adorned the new iPhone X with. Going forward, it’s a given that all this will trickle down to other devices but KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo has reasons to believe something will be making its way to the devices as soon as 2018.

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While the Apple iPhone X was being worked upon, there were rumors about an under-display touch ID. While this technology would have been great for iPhone X, Face ID is also pretty cool.

Besides, there are a number of technological limitations that made Apple give the under-display fingerprint ID a miss for now.

According to KGI Securities‘ latest report on Face ID, Apple will invest more in the new security feature and it is likely to trickle down to devices, including the upcoming iPhones and, eventually, the iPads in the future.

Apple iPhones might see this technology earlier than others and the 2018 models could be the beginning of it.

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Real Depth Sensing Tech

The Face ID technology makes use of an Infrared projector to project hundreds of invisible light markers on the user’s face. Using these markers, the Infrared camera reads the depth and contours of the user’s face.

Once the data is saved in the device, the iPhone matches the information from all the markers to make sure that it only unlocks the device for the right user every time.

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Double the Security Than Touch ID

As Apple claims, 1 in 50,000 users have a chance to unlock your device using the Touch ID, and this number simply doubles after the advent of Face ID.

With Face ID there is 1 in a 100,000 chance for a person other than the user to unlock the phone.

With the Face ID, there is a 1 in a 100,000 chance for a person other than the user to unlock the phone, making it one of the most secure systems being employed by any smartphone manufacturer till date.

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