Apple Admits There are Serious Issues With Watch Series 3

Rahul Gupta

After a very successful launch of the Apple Watch series 3, Apple has conceded to users claims regarding issues with its highlight feature.


The issue caught fire when several of the reviewers who got access to the device reported that the cellular connectivity does not work in certain conditions.

LTE connectivity is the main differentiator between the Watch 2 and the Watch 3, and if that feature is not working it really does not make sense to buy the new gadget.

Apple Accepts the Flaw

Apple has willfully accepted the flaw after being reported by several reviewers. As reported by Reuters, Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette has confirmed that the company is indeed “investigating a fix for a future software release,”.

Apple Watch 3 Siri

Why is it a Problem?

Apple Watch series 3 has standalone cellular connectivity that allows the watch to make and receive calls without actually needing an iPhone nearby.

As reported, the issue is that when Apple watch is connected to an open Wi-Fi network, the LTE connectivity starts acting up rendering it useless to make and receive calls.

Apple Watch 1

4G LTE Connectivity Onboard

The new Apple Watch Series 3 will feature 4G LTE connectivity with the help of a built-in SIM. Users can access features, including but not limited to sending and receiving calls, sending messages and navigate using maps, without having to connect it to an iPhone.

Apple users can have the same number on the watch as well as the iPhone while being connected to the same network.

Better Hardware

The New Apple Watch Series 3 gets a brand new dual-core processor, and a custom made W2 wireless chip. With this new hardware, the watch gets 50% Wi-Fi connectivity and 30% better battery efficiency.

Apple has managed to fit in all this hardware by increasing the thickness of the watch by just .2mm.

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