Your iPhone’s Blue­tooth and WiFi Don’t Real­ly Turn Off via Con­trol Center


Apple has recently rolled out the iOS 11 update for compatible iPhones and iPads but issues have been reported regarding with the toggle buttons on the revamped Control Center, which fails to completely disables WiFi and Bluetooth when the user makes the request.

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The new toggle buttons for WiFi and Bluetooth do not deactivate the actual radio transmitters for either of the functions when toggled off from the Control Center on iOS 11, Motherboard reports.

Both the WiFi and Bluetooth functions are turned off to some extent but the support for some background services such as AirDrop, Handoff, geolocation services, and the ability to pair and communicate with Apple Watch remains activated.

While this might be considered useful by users since it’ll help avoid accidentally switching off some useful features or disconnecting from Apple Watch, this could also prove to be a security risk for them.

The new feature will make life difficult for those who know they’re facing security risk but still can not deactivate Bluetooth and WiFi radios of their device. Not only that, it will also inadvertently hamper the battery life, which can be conserved by switching these features off when needed.

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But, the Good News Is

The good news is that you can still switch off the Bluetooth and WiFi completely though not via the control center. You’ll need to access their respective settings menu and toggle the button off from there.

Cool tip: You’ll need to access the Bluetooth or WiFi settings menu and toggle the button off from there to deactivate them completely.

While this might be considered a nifty feature by most, in absence of information that the Control Center never really shuts off Bluetooth and WiFi radios for good, users will have been tricked into believing that they’re in complete control of these features.

In other news, Apple Music for Android was also updated yesterday with new features that will also be available to users running the app on iOS 11.

Apple has brought a lot of new features with iOS 11, calling this update ‘a giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad’. Read all about it here.

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