HTC Could be Taken Over by Google Tomorrow

Rahul Gupta

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC is gearing up for something big tomorrow and in preparation, the brand is also likely to halt trading of its shares in anticipation of the new announcement.


Earlier this month there were rumors of HTC being taken over by Google and as reported the halt in share trading is a result of that. This was further confirmed in a tweet by Boomberg’s Tim Culpan.

Why Google Wants HTC?

As a brand, HTC has never failed to impress users with its designs and forward-looking philosophy. That is the reason why Google has given it the responsibility to make the Pixel 2 device.

While it has not been unveiled officially, but the squeeze feature which is quite similar to the one found on the HTC U11 and the FCC filing spilled the beans.

Going forward Google can gain a lot from HTC, as it did by acquiring Motorola, before selling it off to Lenovo.

What Will Google Gain?

Google is likely to take control of the hardware wing of HTC, that will include all the R&D and software base for mobile phones. However, there is no surety of what might happen tomorrow.

Until there is any confirmation for either of the brands, it’s all a speculation. And if speculations are to be believed, Google will get the mobile phone vertical while the Vive VR division will be left with HTC.

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