7 Tips to Increase Battery Life in Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It’s no secret that the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a power-packed device. Backed by a Snapdragon 835 processor, the Note8 can pull off anything that you throw at it. However, as much robust as the device is, the small 3300mAh battery unit stands in the way of its performance.


Honestly, the Galaxy Note8 can barely pull a 12-hour shift on a single charge. Reason?

Well, apart from the huge juice-guzzling display, a chunk of it can be blamed on Samsung’s trademark Always on Display or the Quad HD+ screen resolution.

Worry not! We at Guiding Tech have gone through the nooks and crannies of the phone and have rounded up the following tricks to get a longer battery life in the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

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1. Lower Screen Resolution

The Note8 bundles in a Super AMOLED display in three different screen resolutions — HD+, FHD+, Quad HD+. While the default resolution of FHD+ renders a stunning display, there’s no denying the fact that switching over to the Quad HD+ mode packs in an extra punch while watching videos and movies.

Increase Battery Life Samsung Galaxy Note8 1

However, the Quad HD+ mode sucks in more power. So, for a longer battery life, it’d be good if you could stick to the default resolution.

Even if you choose to opt for the 2K resolution for games or movies, remember to turn it back to FHD+.

2.Turn on the S Pen Power Saver

The Note8’s S Pen has many gimmicks. For one, the phone vibrates when you remove the stylus, alerts you when you forget to put the stylus back or plays a sound when you use it to write on the screen.

Increase Battery Life Samsung Galaxy Note8 2

Needless to say, the above settings make the experience awesome. But at the end of the day, the red mark on the battery percentage doesn’t really help. Hence, if you can do away with one of these two settings, the better it’ll be for the battery life.

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3. Always on Display

If you have used any one of the mid-tier Samsung phones, you might have already come to love its Always on Display feature.

Increase Battery Life Samsung Galaxy Note8 4

But as luck would have it, it’s also a power sucker. Given the fact that notifications tend to eat away your productivity, it would be best to keep it turned off.

4. Use a Dark Theme or a Wallpaper

The combination of a dark theme or wallpaper in a Super AMOLED display can do wonders to the battery life. As you might already know, AMOLED screens emit light on their own without having to rely on backlights.

A white background translates into a more power-intensive color

So, a white background translates into a more power-intensive color since it requires all sub-pixels to operate at the maximum power levels.

Not only can a black wallpaper bring an edge to the overall look, but also extends battery life.

5. Put Apps to Sleep

With the Galaxy Note8, you can put apps to sleep in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is long-press on the app and select Sleep.

Increase Battery Life Samsung Galaxy Note8 7

So, if you have been noticing that some apps are hogging battery juice, you can set it to hibernation.

Putting an app to sleep mode means that it won’t run in the background and push notifications, and the updates are momentarily paused.

6. Effective Use of Battery Saving Modes

If you see the battery percentage going down, the built-in power saving modes can easily buy you a few hours of time. There are two modes – Mid and Max – that are fully customizable depending on your usage.

Increase Battery Life Samsung Galaxy Note8 6
Increase Battery Life Samsung Galaxy Note8 5

Plus, the App power monitor displays the power hogging apps and a tap is all it takes to put them to sleep.

7. Enable Accidental Touches

Block accidental touches is a feature that should be kept enabled at all times. This handy feature prevents the screen from turning on when your Note8 is kept in dark places like trouser pockets or bags.

Increase Battery Life Samsung Galaxy Note8 3

This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled from the display settings. Speaking of display, the screen time-out should also be adjusted and kept to the minimum.

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All Powered Up?

These were some of the nifty tricks that can ensure a long battery life for your Galaxy Note8. Of course, there are additional tricks like turning the Nearby Device Scanning feature off or switching the NFC or LED notification lights off, however, those steps are only to be taken if the battery performance gets weaker in the long run.

After all, at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to be using such an elegant phone, not to its full potential.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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