Ama­zon Alexa Pow­ered Smart Glass­es in the Making

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Although Google Glass might have set the trend for smart glasses, surely are not getting closer to the masses anytime soon. But Amazon is doing something quite revolutionary and it can change the world of smart glasses, for good.

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Similar to Google, Amazon is also working on smart glasses that would allow users to stay connected to the internet and perform specialized tasks.

But unlike Google Glass, Amazon’s smart glasses would just be based on audio. Yes, that’s correct, and as reported, these smart glasses would make use of bone conduction audio for greater convenience.


How is This Going to Help?

Amazon smart glasses would come with baked-in Alexa functionality. And while the device would need an active internet connection, which will come from the smartphone.

These glasses would allow users to command Alexa to perform tasks ranging from searching the world wide web, to ordering things online and even controlling your household appliances.

There could be unlimited uses that these glasses could be put to. While looking like any normal pair of sunglasses.

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How Will They be Different?

Compared to Google glass, what the report has suggested is that Amazon’s smart glasses would be much slicker. This has been made possible with the use of bone conduction audio.

In addition, these smart glasses would not have a camera as opposed to its competitors. While the absence of the camera would take away a lot of functionality, it will make the glasses look better for sure.

Nonetheless, having Alexa on your mind could be a good thing or a bad thing both, but where things are headed? only time will tell.

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