Meet Pi, a Wire­less Charg­er from the Future

Rahul Gupta

Wireless charging is gaining pace but has not really reached its true potential but this new startup, Pi, has something highly promising in its kitty and could very well be the future of wireless charging.


Pi Wireless Charging

Pi, a startup founded by an MIT alumni, has demonstrated a new kind of wireless charger that can recharge devices over a distance.

A base station sits at the center of this system that emits waves and allows devices to be charged over distances as much as one foot away.

Its omnidirectional design ensures that devices get recharged and users are able to use devices even while charging.

This can be done for smartphones and bigger devices such as tablets with the help of special cases that house the wireless charge receivers.

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How is Pi Different?

Conventional wireless chargers rely on inductive charging that can function over distances of up to 4cm.

With Pi, the developers have incorporated new beamforming algorithms that direct magnetic field directly to a device regardless of its orientation and direction.

This allows the charging station to deliver power over larger distances while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Another benefit of Pi is that it allows multiple devices to be charged at the same time and by using the same hardware.

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Future of Pi

While the developers are quite optimistic about the technology, they are relying on support from other brands to include this new technology going forward.

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Currently, Pi chargers are being sold as a standalone product but integration with products like Google Home or Amazon Echo is something that the company is looking forward to.

While the price for the Pi charger is yet to be confirmed, it will most likely go on sale below $200. The company is also offering $50 discount to the first 314 people to pre-order the device on their website.

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