7 Super Addictive Android Games to Fight Boredom

Not long ago, it was reported that phone users spend around 2 hours of their time gaming. Although the report was published two years ago, we can safely assume that the gaming time for users across the world has only gone up. Because, at the end of the day, we really can’t get enough of games.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 5

On this note, we have assembled a list of addictive Android games that you should give a shot.

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1. Charles2

The developers of Charles have leveled up the gaming strategy with Charles 2. In this version, you need to be faster and quicker while you dodge your enemies.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 8
7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 9

The game plan is simple – destroy the dots while you move the tiny plane around. What’s great about this game is that it comes packed with little powerups in between to boost your chances of survival.

Typical of any game, the tiny plane can be upgraded with the points collected. You get to choose from Land Mine, Stealth mode, and Start Shield.

And it would be a shame to play Charles2 in the silent mode for it has an amazing background music.

2. Red Ball 4

Relive the nostalgia of the old Nokia Bounce game through Red Ball 4. The rule of thumb for this game is simple – survive and wipe out the evil minions.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 6

The game plan of Red Balls 4 is quite big with around 75 levels to complete before you can call it a day. And as is the rule of every game, the road to success is marred with tricky traps and evil monsters.

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3. Glitch

Glitch aims to give a comical look to a virus. Here, you play as a virus trying to attack a computer but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 7

It’s a twin-stick shooter game, where you can arm your virus with weapons and shields to complete a mission, which aims at harassing the host computer.

The graphics aren’t that interesting but the game is a sure entertainer with its share of enemies and their different killing tactics.

4. Circle Affinity

Circle Affinity is a fun time-waster where you’d have to – you guessed it right – run around in circles. Not to confuse you further, Circle Affinity involves navigating your character through a series of circular shapes in a bid to uncover the hidden inner circle.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 1

And if you were thinking that it doesn’t have its share of evil bosses, let me stop you right there. If you aren’t quick enough, the red shards will wipe your character from the face of the circle.

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5. Bungee Jump

Have you ever seen a penguin bungee jump? No? Don’t worry. You won’t have to travel to Antarctica to watch it as the Bunjee Jump game makes it happen for you. A relatively new game, this one involves an adrenaline-driven penguin (the first character) on a jumping spree to collect coins.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 3

Word of caution – if you don’t pull the rope at the right time, you’ll end up with a lost game (and a dead penguin too).

6. 9 Bulbs – Puzzle with Lights

The sixth game on our list is 9 Bulbs. This game comes with a series of nine bulbs and an equal number of switches. The game objective is to light the correct bulbs using the available switches.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 4

The trick is – the switches affects more than one bulb. So, if you have one switch lighting one bulb, it can also turn off another bulb that’s already lit.

All the game levels are named after cities around the world. Plus, the limited number of moves makes this game even more exciting.

7. Speedy Racer – Endless Traffic

Another endless runner game is Speedy Racer where you’d need to maneuver your little car through highway traffic. The retro graphics in this game gives it an old-world feel while you zig-zag your way out of oncoming series of cars.

7 Addictive Android Games That You Must Try 2
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Personal Favorite

If you ask me, I am already smitten by Charles2. So, which one will be your first choice? Do drop a comment below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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