3 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android That You Should Try

Namrata Gogoi

Talk about customizations in Android and the mind comes up with zillion ideas to adorn make it elegant and productive at the same time. Whether it’s putting a funny GIF as a wallpaper or altering the looks of the icons — the possibilities are endless. Sadly, this level of customization is seldom seen on the humble lock screen.

Well, if you ask me, a lock screen is adorned only by a simple clock and a few notification icons is just too mainstream. The lock screen is more than a holder for a few stray icons and scattered message notifications.

So, if you are looking to customize your Android lock screen, the following apps will help you bring a dash of color to it.

Please note that the below apps will only add in the jazzy features, but won’t help in securing your device.

1. Floatify Lockscreen

Floatify emulates the Android Oreo lock screen to your phone. Not only can you reply messages right from the lock screen you can also import your favorite widgets to it.


Moreover, the app allows you to select shortcuts and choose the start action. You can choose to have a vertical clock if it suits the look of your phone.

Apart from that, you can opt to enable the Mini ticker Heads-up. As suggestive, it shows a mini notification on the lock screen.


Though most of the advanced features are hidden behind a paywall, the free features in Floatify aren’t too bad themselves. For one, it lets you have a cool lock screen and an option to reply to messages rolled into one.

2. AcDisplay

As the app makers tout, AcDisplay is the new way of handling notifications in your Android phone. This app emulates the Active Display feature you see mostly in Motorola phones.


Once the notifications arrive, all you have to do is tap on it and the message will be displayed straight away – all these without fully unlocking your phone. To dismiss a notification straight from the lock screen, swipe down on the screen.

AcDisplay requires a couple of Android permissionsDevice admin, Notification access, Usage stats — to function.


The active mode has to be enabled through the Settings menu in AcDisplay. Keeping the battery life in mind, you can choose to disable the feature when the battery juice runs out.

3. LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen

LokLok lends an element of fun to the lock screen. It lets you add a background of your choice to the lock screen and doodle on it.


The fun part of it is that the lock screen doodle can be shared with a friend who uses the same app.

That’s a Wrap!

Given that a lock screen is a way to the phone’s heart, it’s high time we paid a little attention to it. And not only does the Android lock screen pull off the above looks with grace, it can also carry off a GIF as lock screen wallpaper with equal ease.

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