Sam­sung Final­ly Allows You to Dis­able Bix­by Button


The dedicated Bixby button on the new Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note8 devices has been a bone of contention among users and the company but now finally users will be able to disable the Bixby button — meaning no more accidentally opening the Bixby app.


Users online, as well as Guiding Tech staff, had been facing issues with the Bixby button which would accidentally launch while either just holding the device or adjusting the volume.

The Bixby button only became fully functional globally after the AI’s capabilities were released worldwide last month, but ever since the launch of Galaxy S8, users weren’t really in awe of the dedicated Bixby button.

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Those who wished to remap the Bixby button were also left frustrated after Samsung took down a number of third-party apps that facilitated remapping and then officially confirmed that remapping of the Bixby button won’t be supported by the company.

Although there has been no news about the remapping of the dedicated Bixby button, after the latest update to the Bixby app, users will now see a toggle on/off option on top of the app, which can be used to disable the Bixby button.

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The update is still rolling out and you might get it within the next few days. It is surely going to be a welcome update for all the users who don’t really use the Bixby smart assistant and were looking forward to stopping the app from launching every time they accidentally pushed the button which is located in close vicinity to the volume buttons.

Disabling the Bixby hardware button will not affect the Bixby Home which will still be accessible by swiping left from the home screen.

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