Bing Adds Fact Check Label to Search Results To Curb Fake News


Microsoft’s Bing search engine has now added fact check label to its search results, which will appear beside news stories and web pages.


Bing is doing this to make the flow of information more transparent and allow its users to judge if the provided information is trustworthy. Bing determines the web pages which contain fact check information and displays results for them on the search engine.

“Bing is adding a new UX element to the search results, called the “Fact Check” label, to help users find fact checking information on news, and with major stories and web pages within the Bing search results. The label may be used on a broad category of queries including news, health, science, and politics,” the company stated on their official blog.

Busting Fake News

Fake news had become a highlighted issue since the spread of propaganda-based news on Facebook and Google during the recent US Presidential elections.

Since then, major tech companies such as Facebook and Google have been investing in curbing the menace.

The new fact check label feature should help its search engine users by calling out stories containing inaccurate information but the feature also has its own limitations.

“In addition to the ClaimReview markup being contained on a page, Bing also looks for sites that follow commonly accepted criteria for fact checks including of third-party fact-checking organizations. If we find sites not following the criteria for the ClaimReview markup, we might ignore the markup,” the company statement stated.

Moreover, Bing will also take a website’s reputation into account before deciding to show the tag or not. Websites that use the ‘Claim Review’ tag without accurate fact checking will be held for violation of webmaster guidelines.

Facebook has been making tweaks to its news feed and Google has made some changes to its search engine, as well as the Google News app.

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