13 Cool Samsung Galaxy Note8 Tips and Tricks You Mustn’t Miss

Going by its premium looks and cool features, calling the Samsung Galaxy Note8 impressive would be an understatement. Running on Android Nougat, coupled with Samsung’s very own TouchWhiz interface, it isn’t beyond a doubt that the Galaxy Note8 is teeming with features.

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Today in this article, we help you discover 13 cool Samsung Galaxy Note8 tips and tricks that would help you to take the Note8 experience even further.

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1. Modify Air Command Shortcuts

It’s no secret that the power of the S Pen is accentuated by the nifty Air Command menu. All you need to do is point the stylus and the menu will be highlighted.

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The best part about this feature is that this handy menu customised. Head over to the S Pen settings and select Shortcuts. Select and remove the apps which you don’t need. Once done, add in your choice of apps from the menu on the left. That’s all.

Cool Tip:

2. Create Notes in a Jiffy

Another default functionality of the Galaxy Note8 is that the Air Command menu pops out once the S Pen is removed from the casing. Handy as it is, you can change this setting and replace it with the Create Note app.

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Located under the S Pen settings, this option has three options — Open Air Command, Create note, and Do nothing.

3.  S Pen Alarm

Given its slim profile, it’s pretty easy to lose the S Pen. The good news is that the Note8 comes packed with a nifty feature that’ll sound an alarm if you walk away with the phone without the S Pen.

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Plus, it also includes a timestamp when it was last detached so that you can retrace your steps if you misplace it. Did you know you can easily create GIFs in the Galaxy Note8? Well, now you know.

4. Bring an Edge to the Edge Panel

The Edge panel of your Galaxy Note8 can be easily customized with nifty icons, apps, tasks, and a clipboard to boost your productivity levels.

Screenshot 20170915 140010

Tap on the edge and tap on the cog icon and modify it accordingly. You can have a combination of contacts and tasks or apps and news.

If you ask me, I prefer the edge panel loaded with my favorite contacts.

Screenshot 20170915 140050
Another cool feature of the Galaxy Note8 is the Direct Call option. Its job is simple — it’ll place a call directly to the person whose message is open on your screen when you lift up the phone to your ears. Nifty, eh?

5. Pair Apps

App Pair is a highlight of the Galaxy Note8. It lets you open two of your favorite apps in split screen view in a jiffy. The best thing about this feature is that it’s a permanent fixture on the Edge screen, thus stopping you from doing the same thing over and over again.

Screenshot 20170915 145055
Screenshot 20170915 145142

All you need to do is tap on Create App Pair on Edge settings and choose the apps, and the shortcut will be created.

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6. Get a Stylish Always on Display Clock

Agreed that the analog clock on Samsung’s Always-on Display (AOD) has become too synonymous with all Samsung phones that support AOD. If you want things to be different with your Note8, you can opt for the Edge clock, which utilizes the Note8’s infinity display panel to show the time and notifications.

Screenshot 20170915 133047

Head over to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Always on Display and select the Edge Clock.

You can even customize the edge panel, on which you want the clock to appear flaunting your favorite color.

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7. Customize Navigation Bar

The boring white navigation bar on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 can easily be revamped with a splash of color. All you need to do is head over to the Display settings > Navigation Bar and choose the color of your liking. That being said, the dashing blue ain’t bad at all.

Screenshot 20170915 143923

What’s more, if you aren’t content with the current layout of the navigation buttons, you can swap them up. Moreover, you can adjust the sensitivity of the bar to your liking

8. Enhance Video

The video enhancer made its debut in the Galaxy S7 and makes an appearance in the Note8 as well. It enhances the look of the videos to make them rich and bright.

It’ll make an otherwise-plain video stand out

The best thing about this mode is that one doesn’t need to add video apps to it manually. It scans your phone for any app that can play video and adds automatically. It’ll add a dash of color and saturation and will make an otherwise-plain video stand out.

9. Edge Lighting

If you recollect, notifications on the Galaxy S8/S8+ used to arrive in a pretty cool way with the edges of the infinity display lighting up in a blueish tinge.

Screenshot 20170915 143351

What’s even cooler is that the edge lighting can be modified. You can customize your favorite color on the app.

10. Boost your Downloads

The Galaxy Note8 sports the Download Booster mode, which quickens the download speed for large files over 30MB. This technology, which made its debut in the Galaxy Alpha, makes use of both the Wi-Fi, and cellular data together to fasten the process.

Screenshot 20170915 143650

Go to Connections > More connection settings and toggle the download booster switch to On.

Folks, with caps on their cellular data, keep an eye out for the cellular data consumption.

11. Turn on the Multi Window Feature

Though multi window is a default Nougat feature, it can be turned off by default in Samsung phones and the Galaxy Note8 is no different.

Screenshot 20170915 144806
Screenshot 20170915 144833

Head over to Advanced Settings > Multi Window and toggle on the switch. But the fun part is in the Snap window feature. It lets you select an area of the current app to dock at the top of the screen.

Similar to multi window mode, the above is activated by long pressing on the Recents button.

12. Enable PIP aka Pop-up View

Picture-in-picture mode is an official Oreo feature as of now. But the Samsung Galaxy Note8 has a nifty workaround. Located just below the setting for multi-window, all you have to do is switch on this feature.

Screenshot 20170915 161926

Whenever you want your favorite YouTube video running on top of your apps, just slide down from the top left corner and the window will be resized.

13. Gesture for One-Handed Mode

Owing to its height, the one-handed mode of the Galaxy Note8 becomes a necessity.

Screenshot 20170915 151353
Screenshot 20170915 151403

All you have to do is swipe up diagonally from the bottom corner of the screen to reduce the screen size. The alternate option is to tap the home button thrice.

How Many Did you Know?

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is every bit fantastic as you can imagine. Coupled with the all new Bluetooth 5.0, infinity display, dual audio and the above tips and tricks, it’s every bit the phone one wished for. So, is it on your wishlist yet?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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