Xbox is Real­ly Smart With Game Down­loads: Here is How

Rahul Gupta

With 4K display and high-definition audio coming to games, data size is constantly increasing. But Xbox has a very clever way to tackle this problem and reduce the download size for games.

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Microsoft has named this new system Intelligent Delivery. With this new system, only the required data would be downloaded or pushed to any Xbox system based on the current game requirements.

This could prove very beneficial as users would no longer have to wait for the entire game title to download before they get to play the game.

According to, Microsoft is planning to push this new system to the newer generation of Xbox devices. They also got a glimpse of this new system in order to persuade them to adopt it for the upcoming titles.

How Will it Save Data?

Right now game titles need to be downloaded in full to allow users to play them. With Intelligent Delivery, only the required portion of the game or chunk would be needed by the system to make the game work. This could include, cut-scenes, credits, music files and more that basically add up to the bulk of the game data.

Why is it Important For Xbox?

Game titles today have graphic heavy content and immersive sounds. These files are heavy and eat up a lot of space. Any 4K gaming title is more than 50GB in terms of storage space. This data needs to be downloaded if you have to play the game.

However, with Intelligent Delivery, games would not require the entire title at once and the Xbox system would be able to make do with just the essential files. For instance, if you are on a particular stage, the data or chunk containing the data for that would be downloaded, leaving the rest for when it is required.

While the system does sound promising, it might interfere with the gameplay especially while progressing. However, until the Intelligent Delivery system is officially introduced, nothing concrete can be said about it.

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