Facebook Makes it Easier for Users to Respond to Crisis Situations


Facebook has announced that it’ll be rolling out a new feature called Crisis Response, which will house all the tools that it has introduced so far on its platform for the communities to engage and respond during a crisis situation such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and more.


The Crisis Response center on Facebook will include features such as Safety Check, Community Help, Fundraisers and also links to articles, photos and videos surrounding the incident.

“We’re announcing Crisis Response, a new center on Facebook where people can find more information about recent crises and access our crisis response tools,” Facebook stated.

Safety Check was first introduced as a temporary feature in 2013, which appeared as and when a crisis struck around the world and was then integrated into the social media platform permanently the next year.

Earlier this year, Facebook had introduced Community Help, which allowed users to find and offer assistance during a disaster. These included helping with food, supplies for babies, providing shelter and other similar assistance.

Fundraisers feature help create events to donate and support victims of a calamity and the nonprofit organizations helping with the relief effort.

“When there is a crisis, people use Facebook to let their friends and family know they’re safe, learn and share more about what’s happening, and help communities recover,” the company added.

The feature will be available to users in the coming weeks from the homepage on the desktop and menu button on the smartphone app.

“We will begin to include links to articles, photos, and videos from public posts so people have access to more information about a crisis in one place. Safety Check activations and related information may also appear in News Feed to help provide additional details about a crisis.”

The company is also testing ‘Snooze’ feature to get rid of spammy or annoying updates from a friend or a page to temporarily snooze news feed updates.

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