Has Apple Discontinued Product Red? Can You Still Buy One?

Rahul Gupta

Apple has just announced the launch of not just one but three new iPhones. The Apple flagship now is the iPhone X, which many also are calling the anniversary edition.

But following the launch, Apple has made some changes to its official website and the iPhone Product Red is missing there.

Source: Apple

iPhone Product Red Discontinued?

Has Apple officially discontinued Product Red or is it planning to do so? Well, the limited edition device has been completely removed from both Indian as well as international Apple websites.

Also, if you try to search for the red iPhones manually, the company page now shows a picture of devices with red accessories and not the devices themselves.

iPhone 7
Source: Apple

Product Red Accessories in the Making?

Product red making a comeback in form of official accessories.

If you look closely at the dedicated product red Page, you will notice that now the device shown in the picture are not original Product red devices.

Instead, there are regular iPhones with red covers. It seems that similar accessories are also being made available for iPad as well. Which points at a very big possibility of Product red making a comeback in form of official accessories.

Product Red
Source: Apple

The iPhone accessory market in India is very big and the company understands the needs of consumers well. With the new accessories, as we believe, Apple can cater to a large number of users and also donate to its cause to spread awareness for AIDS.

Can You Buy iPhone Product Red in India?

Fortunately, yes. If you are a big fan of the Product Red, the devices are available for you with a large number of iPhone resellers and online stores still keeping it in stock.

Looking at the current situation, we suggest you not to wait for further price drops and snag an iPhone Product Red if you want one before the stocks dry up.

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