Here is How Apple Made Face ID Real­ly Cool

Rahul Gupta

Apple has done away with Touch ID on its latest flagship device — the iPhone X and that too for good. The new Face ID that Apple has included on the new iPhone X is definitely a cut above the rest, but what makes it so unique let’s find out.

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Apple has left no stone unturned to make the Face ID technology the best and why shouldn’t it be, with the touch ID missing on the iPhone X this is a much-needed level of security for users.

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Real Depth Sensing Tech

The Face ID technology makes use of an Infra red projector to project hundreds of invisible light markers on the users face. Using these markers the Infra red camera reads the depth and contours of the users face. Once the data is saved in the device every time the iPhone matches information from all the markers to make sure that it only unlocks the device for the right user.

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Truly Hands-free

Unlike touch ID, face ID does not require any physical touch. This technology relies on infra red light and reads minor details of users face.

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Double the Security Than Touch ID

With Face ID there is 1 in a 100,000 chance for a person other than the user to unlock the phone.

As Apple claims, 1 in 50,000 users have a chance to unlock your device using Touch ID, and with the Face ID this number is simply doubled. With Face ID there is 1 in a 100,000 chance for a person other than the user to unlock the phone. Making it one of the most secure systems being employed by any smartphone maker till date.

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This technology, however, is only exclusive to the iPhone X with no announcement of making its way to other devices anytime soon. However, Apple has always been a pioneer in this regard and this tech can be expected to be one of the key differentiators for devices coming in the years to come.

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