This is How the New Apple Watch Will Save Your Life

With the new Apple Watch Series 3, Apple has put a focus on the health and fitness of its users. Given the fact that the world is moving towards an unhealthy era — courtesy junk food and unhealthy lifestyle — the new Apple Watch series can go a long way in pre-determining serious health conditions of its users and warn them in advance.

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Among the new features, the Apple watch will also sport a SOS-like feature which will notify users if it detects any abnormality.

Beyond that, the new Apple watch series will go a long way in saving your life and this is how.

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Detect Abnormal Heart Rate

As you might already know, the Apple watch series is one of the most used heart-rate monitors in the world. And taking this experience a whole notch higher is the new feature which can detect arrhythmia or abnormal heart rate.

This will eventually lead the users to predict future heart attacks.

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If the watch detects an elevated heart beat, it’ll notify the user accordingly. This will go a long way in determining or predicting future heart attacks.

The heart readings will be displayed via the Heart Rate app in the Apple watch face.

Detect Sleep Apnea

Along with the Apple watch detecting arrhythmia, it’ll also be able to track sleep apnea. Similar to the afib or Atrial Fibrillation,  Sleep Apnea is a common sleep disorder afflicting the common masses.

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This sleeping disorder is characterized by shallow breaths which can last from a few seconds to minutes and is usually broken by a loud snort.

Along with the Apple Watch Series 3, the company also announced the Apple Heart Study which will use data from Apple Watch users.

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It’s worth to be noted that the Apple Watch Series has now climbed to the top of the world beating the likes of  Rolex, Fossil, Omega, and Cartier. The Apple Watch Series 3 will retail from $ 249, $329 and $399 and will be available from September 19th.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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