7 Incredible Apple iPhone X Features That You Should Know

The iPhone X – the one that Apple claims to be the best Apple product in the last ten years that will set the industry benchmark for the next decade. This seemed a bit of an overstatement by Tim Cook initially, but over the next 20 minutes, the Apple iPhone X managed to captivate almost all Apple fans with its plethora of incredible features.

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The tenth anniversary iPhone X (pronounced ‘TEN’) is an apt successor to the iPhone lineup – whether it’s the OLED display or the Face ID. And now that it has been officially launched, here are some of the incredible features of the new iPhone X.

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1. Powerful Processor

The iPhone X is powered by the new six-core A11 Bionic processor. As touted by Apple, it’s one of the most powerful chipsets found in any smartphone till date.

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The A11 Bionic chipset is two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. If we talk numbers, the A11 is 25% faster in two performance cores and 70% faster in four performance cores than the older A10.

2. Innovative Design

Breaking away from the stereotypical design of the previous iPhones, the iPhone sports an innovative and beautiful new design. It’s an all glass phone with a neat stainless steel band circling the edges.

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What makes the design stand out is the curved front glass, which covers almost the whole front of the phone except the top panel.

The tenth anniversary iPhone is also the first one to do away with the Touch ID and get a top-notch facial recognition system in its place.

3. Super Retina Display

Though Apple had made great strides in the field of phone security or camera. However, when it came to phone displays, Apple steadfastly held on the older display screens. And that changes with the launch of the iPhone X.

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The iPhone X features a 1125×2436 OLED display, which Apple proudly calls Super Retina Display and is apt to produce pictures which are sharp and vivid.

It’s only a notch lower than the Quad HD display seen in the Galaxy S8.

4. Intelligent Face ID

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone X has done away with the Touch ID and Apple has introduced an intelligent facial recognition system aka Face ID as the new security feature.

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Unlike Touch ID, the new Face ID has lesser chances of being duplicated. As touted by Apple, the Face ID can be duplicated by 1 in 1 million people.

The Face ID makes use of the Infrared sensor to project over 30,000 infrared dots on the users face. these markers are used to map the depth and different contours of your face. So every time, the Face ID is called to unlock, it will match the information from all the markers to make sure that it only unlocks the device for the right user.

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5. Amazing Dual Camera Modes

In keeping with the trend of 2017 and carrying forward the legacy of the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone X sports a dual camera setup at the back. And proving the speculations correct, the dual camera setup is vertical instead of horizontal.

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Speaking of specs, it sports a pair of 12-megapixel sensors comprising of a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. Both these lenses combine to produce images with the Bokeh effect aka the Portrait Mode. However, what sets the dual camera of the iPhone X apart from the rest are its camera modes.

What sets the dual camera of the iPhone X apart from the rest are its revolutionary camera modes.

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The camera analyzes the background and the foreground after which you can change the lighting conditions.

The iPhone X sports a handful of nifty camera features like Contour light, Stage light, and Studio light.

6. TrueDepth Camera System

The Apple iPhone X houses a sophisticated set of cameras and sensors that brings the portrait mode to the selfie shooter. The TrueDepth camera system not only makes facial recognition easier but also sports a diverse range of stunning lighting effects.

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The TrueDepth camera system not only makes Facial recognition easier but also sports a diverse range of stunning lighting effects.

7. Interactive Emojis … Rather Animoji

With the Apple X, users will be able to create customized emojis according to their facial expressions, thanks to the new and upgraded Face ID hardware.

These customized emojis are being referred to as Animojis and will be available inside the Messenger app on iOS 11. Similar to Snapchat’s stickers, they will be able to pick up a user’s facial recognition via the front cam in real time and replace it with a funny emoji.

The Animojis include the normal round of smileys, poop face, animals including the monkey, dog, cat, etc. And yes, all these emojis — including the poop face — can be customized with the scan of your face.

That’s All, Folks!

These were some of the new features that Apple has brought to the new iPhone X. The Apple iPhone X comes with 64GB and 256GB internal storage and is priced at $999 onwards.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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